Women Ace the Basic Car Maintenance Tests

Women Ace the Basic Car Maintenance Tests

February 25, 2020 Off By Paul Petersen

Regular car maintenance has become a vital aspect of the modern urban life in Britain. A survey was conducted among 1000 British citizens to ascertain the fact as to who knows more about car maintenance – males or females. The results of the campaign knocked the out-dated stereotypes out of the window and showed that it is actually women that know more car maintenance tasks than the men in the UK.

The study found that women have ample knowledge when it comes to the most basic car maintenance tasks like changing tyres, checking oil levels, jumping a dead battery, diagnosing the need for a fuel injection cleaning and checking tyre pressure. A huge number of women know how to replace car lights. They even know how to jumpstart a car, and check the tyre tread.

One must have a working knowledge of car maintenance on the following areas to avoid tricky situations when handling a car:

  1. Jump starting a car:

Jump starting a car simply refers to the act of making a dead car battery start by connecting it to an external power source, for example, another vehicle’s engine. A sound knowledge of this could allow one to get out of myriads of unforeseen situations without having to wait for professionals to arrive and without hurting oneself.

It was rather surprising that the survey results showed that a huge number of men have no idea how to do it. And even if some of them had learned it before, they managed to forget what cables go where.

  1. Changing a tyre:

Even in this age of mobile phones and Roadside Assistance, every car owner must know how to change a flat tyre. It is one of those life skills that can save the day and make one a more independent road user.

The survey revealed that more female drivers are geared with this basic knowledge than their male counterparts.

  1. Replacing car lights:


The car’s headlights are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on the vehicle. Not using the appropriate lights can result in a hefty fine, or worse, end up in a collision. However changing a car’s headlight bulbs is a rudimentary car maintenance task.

Even in this area less than half of the British male drivers had any clue to handle this situation while a whopping number of female survey respondents had the expertise to execute this job.

  1. Checking tyre tread:


The car tyres are a vital part of the vehicle, that’s why it is important to check them regularly. The tyres start to wear out quickly and lose its grip as the tread depth decreases; this affects the vehicle’s control on the road. Proper car maintenance is necessary to keep the car tyre in good looking condition.

The survey results showed that male drivers are lagging behind their female peers when it comes to keeping cars in safe working order.

When it comes to car maintenance, having even a little knowledge can pay off by saving time, money and the precious lives of our near ones.