Why train traveling has preferred the way to see Goa from Mumbai?

Why train traveling has preferred the way to see Goa from Mumbai?

September 21, 2019 Off By John Authen

If you are the travel enthusiast you have hears the place Goa, a desirable destination of the island. Do you ever travel to Goa from Mumbai? Through road, airways, and railways you can travel to the destination of Goa. Due to Ghats sceneries and pleasant surroundings, most people preferred the train travel from Mumbai to Goa is the better travel to bring many stunning natural scenes. 

The train trip from Mumbai to Goa or from Goa to Mumbai through Konkan Railway gives the amazing magnificence of the Western Ghats. Read more this article to know why train travel to Goa from Mumbai is the better one.

How to Get There (GOA)?

When you wish to travel Goa, prefer to take the railway instead of road or airways. There are some preferred trains are available in the route of Mumbai to Goa. You can take the preferable train as per your time schedule and affordability. You can book the train ticket for the route Mumbai to Goa on preferred online websites along with the option of villas for rent in Goa.

Primary advantages of traveling in the train on Goa trip

Goa, the destination is not only the favorite place for foreigners and Mumbai people, but it is also mostly dreaming place for everyone in India to visit there. There are certain primary advantages are available while you travel to Goa via train from Mumbai. Those are as follows.


Compared to the rate of road and air travel to goa, the train is available at a cheap rate. You can get the required facilities for train travel within the affordable price. 


When you are opting to self-drive road transport, you should need to be cautious about driving and you may not enjoy the environment or atmosphere. It is applicable for bus travel also you can’t get the valuable Western Ghats Scenery during the road travel. In the case of the train, you can be comfortable and relaxed to enjoy nature at the Western Ghats. 

Duration of time travel

When compared to the modes of travel as road and air, the duration of train travel is about 10 hrs from Mumbai to Goa. The kilometer of road path from Mumbai to Goa is lesser than the Rail path. 

Where you can get the best options for train travel

When you planned to take Goa trip via train, take the day train instead of traveling in the dark night to explore nature. Even you can find better options along with bungalow on rent in goa to stay near the railway station to be on time.

Find the lists of villas for rent in goa is near to the Mumbai railway/roadway/airway as preferable to your travel mode. There are numerous local train is available on railway destinations to take you to the next destination easily.

Final Thought 

Think you get the sparkling ideas of why train travel for Goa trip is better from the aforementioned lines. Give priority to book your train and bungalow on rent in Goa as per schedule to avoid hassles on last-minute travel.