February 10, 2020 Off By Clare Louise

What is overtourism?

Overtourism is a term used to define a scenario whereby tourists in a particular place outnumber the resources available, hence leading to environmental degradation. This not only affects the environment but also the locals who are vital in tourism decisions. Travelling is often a luxury that every individual yearns to experience, especially for long appraised destinations. However, there a few let-downs that are caused by the immense tourist overpopulation in various destinations around the globe. Some of these impacts brought upon by overtourism will be listed below.

Negative impacts of overtourism. 

  • Environment degradation. 

Firstly, overtourism brings about environmental degradation which is the leading disadvantage of unmanaged tourism. Wastes disposed around areas faced by overtourism are high and often affects the neighboring residents. Furthermore, water and air are polluted making them harmful for consumption, hence making them opt for other safer places. Venice is one of the cities with dire effects of overtourism since it has posted very many environmental impacts. One of the effects is that the city is sinking at a high rate, and estimates have shown that the city will have wholly sunk by 2100.

  • Erosion of Resident’s culture.

One of the most critical impacts of overtourism. The day to day activities of the residents is highly altered with the increase in the number of tourists visiting a specific destination. Overtourism has caused the displacement of local business structures to pave way for new structures that will match the tourists’ expectations. The natives are not able to enjoy their resources fully since there is an increase in traffic jams and congestion along the streets. This is evident in cities where the residents cannot be seen in the streets.

  • Relocation of the residents.

As more tourists continue to occupy these places, the living standards become unbearable for the residents forcing them to be displaced. More hotels and accommodation rentals are build forcing the natives to vacate their premises to give room for these developments. Furthermore, the housing levies and product prices significantly shoot up and this makes the residents become restless and thus relocating to other better places that suit their needs. In Venice for example, the residents were displaced by half the initial population since the conditions became unbearable.

  • Unsated vacations. 

Tourists themselves don’t get to enjoy themselves fully during these travels. You’ll find that there are many tourists in one particular destination making other visitors uneasy, thus not get a sense of satisfaction. When one pays a dime to go to a dream place and doesn’t get the satisfaction yearned, then the vacation will be deemed as not appealing at all. Most of these places will have very many people crowded at a particular site, and thus a bother to many people. In addition to that, accidents do occur at these places and even death is experienced.

There are ways in which the negative impacts of overtourism can be minimized and if followed closely, then we will handle these scenarios. Vacations are meant for self-appeal and if tourism is regulated more appealingly, then every visitor will have the best time.