What Makes Chandigarh the “Green City of Chandigarh”

July 4, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

If you are a resident of Chandigarh, or have visited the city at least once in your life, you would know that the city is populated with an immense number of trees, which shouldn’t come as a shocker as Chandigarh has bagged the well deserved title of the Greenest City of India. The magic of Chandigarh lies in its well planned roads with trees flanking both the sides and cleanliness that has not been matched by any other city in India in the recent past. You’ll find some of the most beautiful event venues in Chandigarh, with lush greenery all around.

The city is known for its well planned architecture. A French architect has been credited for laying down the initial master plan for the city. The systematic and structural approach towards the planning of the city that was adopted back then has been put to use throughout these years, and today Chandigarh shines as the face of development in India. The city is credited with having the most efficient road system, having well planned and connected wide roads and an efficient traffic system that ensures the smooth flow of traffic. A bird’s eye view of the city shows an interesting pattern. Amidst the finely planned sectors with buildings and houses, which give it a grey color, there are numerous patches of green scattered around, thus indicating the presence of a lot of flora.

To give you a clearer picture of how green Chandigarh really is, let us talk numbers. To start with, the city has 15 lush green gardens, which add on to the greenery of the city and make for amazing picnic spots and tourist attractions. According to a recent survey, the city has around 1,65,597 trees. The survey was done extensively and the number of trees per sector was also calculated. With 5797 trees, Sector 27 bagged the first position for the highest number of trees. Adding on to that, the survey was conducted to count the number of trees in public areas only. The number of trees planted by private groups on private land has not been included in the survey, thus there are definitely more trees than the estimated 1.66 Lakhs. The Municipal Corporation of the city has left no stones unturned in working towards making Chandigarh a green and clean city.

The beauty, cleanliness and greenery of Chandigarh make it an ideal location for planning your next trip to. The city is specially known for its splendid venues for weddings and receptions. If there is a wedding around the corner in the family, it is recommended that you search about banquet hall in Chandigarh with price to plan the wedding of a lifetime in the green city of India.