Visa for Amsterdam

Visa for Amsterdam

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The capital of the Netherlands and a beautiful tourist destination, Amsterdam is a worth seeing place once in life. Due to historical importance, it has plenty of historic buildings to explore, and the extensive canal system spread throughout the city, linking one place to another.

Several top-ranking universities are present here, which attracts many international students every year imparting cultural diversity to the city. With changing global situations, if you want to visit any foreign city, you need to go through the legal process of visa application. Though it seems quite a complicated process, with every information available at the embassy, you can quickly get your desired visa for Amsterdam

The basic requirements to apply for a visa are;

  • Fill an online application and then print the application form.
  • Passport size recent photograph.
  • Valid passport up to six months.
  • Sign the confirmation form.
  • Submit the documents to the embassy.

Do you need a visa to go to Amsterdam?

All national citizens except those blenonging to EU, EEA and Schenzen state need a visa to enter Amsterdam. The type of visa you get depends on your requirement. Based on these requirements, there are different types of visa available to go to Amsterdam. These visa’s have separate processing fee and varying duration for stay. Some of the permits you need to go to Amsterdam are;

  • Study visa
  • Visit visa
  • Transit visa
  • Work visa
  • Medical visa
  • Cultural permission
  • Official delegation visa
  • Visa for husband/wife of Dutch Citizenship
  • Business visa

Do I need a visa for transit in Amsterdam?

Transit visas are issued to a person traveling through countries with short duration stay, provided they have confirmed return ticket for the next state. If a person has a visa for any of the European Union country, he does not need to get a transit visa for Amsterdam as it is part of the European Union. But you need to provide the following details;

  • Flight details, showing your arrival from and departure to a country not in Schenzen list.
  • You have to change the flight and continue your journey to a third world country.
  • You have confirmed return ticket to the destination country.
  • You will not leave the airport transit area.
  • You have checked in your luggage for the next destination.

With all these details provided, you can stay in the city without a transit visa. But if you are traveling from or to a non-EU country, you will need a transit visa to stay in Amsterdam for less than 72 hours.

To get instant approval for Amsterdam or Schengen Visa you can contact IAVISA for best consultancy and approval. 

Is Amsterdam a Schengen state?

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, which is one of the countries included in Schenzen countries. Their citizens do not need a visa to visit these countries for a short duration. The citizens from Schenzen state can spend 90 days or any 180 days in the member countries.

Do I need a visa for connecting flight in Amsterdam?

The requirement for transit visa with connecting flight varies with the country. Some countries involved in illegal immigration at a high level need a transit visa even if they stay within the airport transit area. But for other countries, the requirement for a transit visa is not necessary if they have a connecting flight. They should provide all the details as mentioned above.