June 28, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

We have all traveled in public transport like bus, trains, taxis, etc, and airport transport at least once in our lives. If you are a tourist or does not own your private vehicle for daily use; you depend upon the public transportation to help you move from one place to another, be it your office, grocery store or your kid’s school. 

If a person has a good journey; half of his experience is already complete (starting from where his journey began to where his journey will end. A good ride can keep you happy for a whole day and a bad one can keep you in a bad mood throughout the day. It means that public transportation and transportation, in general, is a very important part of any outing. 

There are so many amazing types of public transportation around the world that we thought it important to write about them so that others may also get amused by it.

Amazing Public Transportations:

  1. Tangah- Pakistan: it is a carriage with 2 wheels and hauled by 1 or more horse. It gives a more majestic feeling and is cheaper than taxis or rickshaws. They can give you an amazing tour of the city. goedkoop luchthavenvervoer zaventem 
  2. Reindeer Sled- Finland: in the region of Lapland, the reindeer sleds are most common because that area is inhabited by Sami people and Reindeer is their symbol.  The symbol is Reindeer because the number of Reindeers equals to the people living there.
  3. Trams- France: trams are eco- friendly and in building them; nature doesn’t get damaged. Almost 22 cities of France have functional trams- trams are quite and quick means of transport.
  4. Felucca- Egypt:  these are traditional sailboats of the Nile (Egypt). The Felucca experience is totally different from motorboats and cruise ships; it has no kitchen, toilets or rooms. They give a feeling of rural camping and are super calm and relaxing to travel in.
  5. Matatu- Kenya: if you want to local travel in Kenya you use Matatu. They are private mini busses that tour around town with loud music and with frequent stops to give a good Kenyan experience.
  6. Shotover Jets- New Zealand: these jets are working in the Shotover River Canyons since the 1970s, they are super speed and spins 360 degrees throughout the rid. The experience is worth a try.
  7. Tuk- Tuk- Thailand: these Tuk Tuk Rikshaws are a symbol of Thailand, they are three-wheeled mini taxis with a cover on top and open back and sides for passengers to sit in. they are not very fast but they are ideal to view the city properly.
  8. Cyclo- Vietnam: it’s like a man pushing a wheelchair but super fast. Cyclo is generally found in Hanoi (Vietnam), you can enjoy the view of the city in it and can get out of the hectic traffic in no time but you will have to travel alone in Cyclo as it got only 1 seat.
  9. Funicular- Australia: this railway is the steepest in the world and runs around the popular Blue Mountains of Australia. It feels like you are falling down and is a horrifyingly beautiful experience of the valleys and the mountains.
  10. Habal Habal- Philippines:  it’s a bike with extended seats which can carry up to 10 people at a time. It is a cheap transport ideal for rural areas, furthermore, it is also ideal for carrying goods and farmer use Habal Habal to transport their crops and other things.
  11. Elephant- Laos: in Luang Prabang (Laos); there is an Elephant protection program which works solely for Elephants and conducts different activities relating to them, one of those activities is Elephant ride. This ride is super interesting and for a good cause.
  12. Shinkansen – Japan: the Hanshu and Kyushu islands of Japan are connected to each other by Shinkansen (the bullet trains) that are super fast and also connects Tokyo (Japan) to other major cities. The train travels at 320km/h.

These public transportations made us want to travel around the world just for the sake of traveling in them.  Optimistically; we hope that these vehicles amused you as much as they amused us. Each of these vehicles represents their countries and their culture, which is absolutely beautiful.