Travel to Japan: main tourist cities you must visit

Travel to Japan: main tourist cities you must visit

April 9, 2022 Off By admin

When choosing which Japan holiday destinations to visit, many doubts can arise since the country has many amazing places, and it is not always possible to know everything. Therefore, our tip is to visit the capital, Tokyo, the beautiful city of Osaka, with a very lively nightlife, and Kyoto, full of palaces and temples. Of course, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which withstood the attacks of World War II, should also be on your list.  Also, be sure to take a tour of the cities of Kobe, Nara, Fukuoka and Yokohama, with many temples, gardens and palaces


It is a modern city, but one that preserves its roots. In addition to its impressive skyscrapers, Tokyo also has important temples, such as Senso-ji Temple, considered the holiest in the city. One of the most cosmopolitan places in the world, it is not surprising that the capital of Japan is one of the main destinations for international tourists traveling to the land of the rising sun. 


In Osaka, you will also witness all the modernity present in the Japanese daily life. The city is beautiful and has imposing buildings, modern avenues and formidable constructions.  Not to mention the bustling nightlife and exquisite restaurants, in addition to the bars and clubs scattered throughout the city.


If you want to experience the culture of Japan, Kyoto needs to be among your destinations. The city has imperial palaces, Buddhist temples, shrines and beautiful gardens.  The ancient Japanese capital is a reference for understanding the culture, traditions and customs of the local people. There are also concentrated 17 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


You have heard of the city of Hiroshima, which was part of one of the saddest moments of humanity, when it was destroyed by an atomic bomb. However, memories of the destruction are still present in many places. In Hiroshima, you can see many ruins. On your tour, be sure to visit Hiroshima Castle and the beautiful Garden.


In the past, Nagasaki also suffered from the attacks of World War II. Like Hiroshima, it rose again and became a very important city in the country. With a cosmopolitan atmosphere, it has many tourist attractions.


Get ready to discover Kobe, a beautiful city that offers a magnificent backdrop of the mountains that make up the harbor’s surroundings. Situated in Kansai, Kobe is characterized by its dynamism, contemporary atmosphere and open-mindedness.


On your Japan travel itinerary, discover the charming and historic Nara, a city with magnificent temples dating back to the 8th century. In the past, it was the capital of Japan. 


In Fukuoka, you will be amazed at the number of ancient temples in the city.  In addition to its historic sites, the area has very modern buildings and avenues.  In town, be sure to visit the Hakata Folk Museum.


To close your trip to Japan, Yokohama will delight you. It is a port city with many tourist attractions, botanical gardens and Japanese-style houses from various eras. There, you can check out amusement parks and many temples.