Top 10 tourist attractions and sights to enjoy with Al Ain Desert Safari

Top 10 tourist attractions and sights to enjoy with Al Ain Desert Safari

May 20, 2019 Off By John Authen

Dubai, the highly populous city, is the most sought after tourist attraction in the world. It is one of the 7 emirates of UAE that makes up the country. The largest inland city of the Emirates is Al Ain which is in the Eastern region of Abu Dhabi Emirates. A flourishing tourist destination, Al Ain, experiences dry climate which acts as a retreat from humid climate of the large coastal cities. It is popular for open parks, zoos, and is best if you are moving with family. Here are the chief highlights of Al Ain Desert Safari Tour.  

Sheik Zayeed Palace Museum

During the Al Ain Desert Safari Tour, don’t forget to check out Sheik Zayeed Palace Museum which used to be the living place of Sheik Zayeed. He was the first President of UAE and the palace museum is flocked by thousands of travellers. Getting inside the palace will acquaint you with the living style of Zayeed. Interestingly, it is also the birthplace of Sheik Mohammad Bin Zayeed Al Nahyan, the current crown Prince.

Al-Jahili Fort: a fascinating fort

On your private desert safari tour at Al Ain, you shouldn’t forget Al-Jahili Fort, a fascinating fort which holds information on the Emirate History and about Al Ain. You will find several interesting photographs of Sir Wilfred Thesigner, a British explorer. The fort gives you a picture perfect view of the entire Al Ain city and so it is a remarkable building around the United Arab Emirates.

A visit to the Al Ain Zoo

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan founded the Al Ain Zoo in 1968 who used to be the ruler and President of UAE. Head along with your family and see Endemic Vertebrates like Oryx, Arabian Impala, eland and African Gazelles. The enormous area attracts tourists from all across the globe where one can see feline creatures like tigers, lions, pumas, spotted panthers, etc. There is a separate space for reptiles, monkeys and aviary.

Jebel Hafeet moving inland from Al Ain

Towards the inland of Al Ain during your Al Ain Desert Safari Tour, you will discover Jebel Hafeet. Hafeet Mountain in Al Ain is the rough display of Jabeel. Move to the summit to photograph captivating views for it is the highest point of Jebel Hafeet Tour. Driving towards the summit has a beautiful perspective while you can check the entire Al Ain from the top as well.

Visit the Al Ain National Museum

Who can miss out Al Ain National Museum having an ethnogenic area? Yes! Al Ain National Museum is intriguing and showcases the life of the locales. Its chief highlights are conventional majilis, a massive display of adornments and clothing. A traveller will also find Hili Archaeological Park, the site of Grand Hili Tomb Restoration.

Enjoy the sight of camel racing

From the age old times, camel racing is popular in UAE and the track of 10km in Al Ain hosts camel races quite often. Seeing a camel race in Al Ain is the best way to witness the Emirati society and the living style. Watching Anafi and Boushari breed of camels racing on the desert track of Al Ain will be exciting and adventurous.

A visit to the beautiful Open Gardens

All throughout the Al Ain, you will find lavish gardens and so we can say that Al Ain satiates its notoriety. This is why Al Ain is so different from the dry desert surrounding. It is full of parks, open grounds, and sufficient greenery to offer shade to the travellers. There are arranging components, several wellsprings and lighting shows held during the evening. Won’t it be enjoyable with your kids?

Hili Archaeological Park for the history of Al Ain

In the middle of Al Ain lays the popular World Heritage Site, Hili Archaeological Park, where the archaeologists have discovered the traces of Iron Age and Bronze Age. It is labelled as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO for quite good reasons.

The popular and exciting Camel Market

To encounter the nearby Al Ain society, head towards the Camel Market. This is the only camel market which remains in UAE.

Hili Fun City: a popular amusement park

During your Al Ain Desert Safari Tour, you should stop at Hili Fun City, the largest amusement park of UAE. There are several rides to enjoy with the family and food courts to visit.

Al Ain Desert Safari will give you the experience of the lifetime. So, don’t skip out all these places mentioned above. The safari garden city, Al Ain, has a beautiful setting and getting around is not difficult.