September 14, 2019 Off By John Authen

You’re all set for the most awaited cruise vacation and we’re here to help you be equipped with necessary information about the cruise ship cabin that will surely provide you additional comfort and ease throughout your voyage. And as you embark on your vacation, you can monitor your ship with the help of and you can easily access wide-array of essential information about it. Besides, you can receive real-time notifications if you’ll enable it. Are you ready to learn more about your cruise cabin? Well, let’s get started.

Know more about the cabin walls 

We can compare a cruise ship to a vast and beautiful floating piece of metal. As you’ll notice, the wall doesn’t look or even feel that it is metallic but despite that, it’s a fact that walls are made of that. Given you that idea, magnets are ship crew’s friends since it helps then organize an abundance of papers onboard. In your case a cruiser, for example, if you’ll be attending an event of your choice and there’s an invitation that you don’t want to lose, just make use of a magnet to stick it to your wall. The best way to put this is on the wall nearest to door so you’ll notice it from time to time.

Lack of ventilation on bathrooms

As you go on a cruise vacation, you can eat all you want and try out sumptuous cuisines being offered. With all of the food that you’ve intake, you can’t blame your stomach for its little rebellion. By that time, you will realize that only a few cruise ship’s bathrooms are inclusive of ventilation fans. It is recommended to have a scented freshener hanging from your shower curtain or if you can bring aromatherapy oils. Keep In mind that it is prohibited to bring in there anything you need to light with a flame-like scented candle or even incense.

Find more space under your bed

You might bring a big suitcase and lots of clothing with you onboard that’s why you’re thinking that your cabin is too small and doesn’t fit enough on you. However, you can check the area under your bed and you’re surely see a lot of free space which you can make use of. Just explore your cabin and it’ll give you some surprises.

Bed reconfiguration onboard

There are some cases that when passengers entire their cabin, they found out two beds even though that passenger is traveling with his spouse. Also, if there’s just a single bed but you’re traveling with your friend. Experiencing those doesn’t mean you’re in trouble and it’s a big problem. It’s not. To give you an idea, beds on the majority of the ships can easily be pushed apart or combined. You can request for the help of your cabin steward.

Switching the position of your beds

On a cruise ship, not all beds are facing the same direction since it can be aft-facing, port or starboard facing, and even forward-facing. If there’s still enough space and you would like to make necessary changes on the position of your bed, and it wouldn’t block the doorway, you can request it to your cabin steward or even do it yourself if you want to. Always carry with you a motion sickness medicine just to be ready, in case you need it.

You can’t make necessary changes in the position of the furniture

Inside your cabin, the bed is the only large item that you can easily move. You may think the side table is just small but usually, it weighs a lot so that it didn’t easily fall over during rough voyage.

Create a wind tunnel by leaving your balcony’s door open

You can try this one on your next cruise getaway and see for yourself what will happen on your science experiment. You’ll be able to answer the result of the possible thing that might happen when both your balcony and cabin doors are open at the same time. Have you ever watch the movie entitled Twister? Don’t worry, a cow isn’t going to come swirling all out into your cabin however, a wind tunnel can whip its way between the two open doors which will greatly result to a mess. You can make use of some travel pouches to keep your onboard documents, daily programs, and activities, and even receipts organize.

Tap water on board is proven safe to drink  

As you set sail on your chosen cruise destination, there’s no need for you to lug a case of water. Don’t worry too much since it is proven and tested that tap water on board is safe to drink. It undergone various filtration and testing initiated by health agencies. The tap water that can be found in the restaurants, bars and even those from the cabin bathroom is just the same water although some passengers commented that it tastes different. To keep you hydrated, you can carry bottled water or tumbler with you.

Perks of choosing the standard balcony

Each cabin has its similarity and differences. It doesn’t mean that if the two cabins are in the same category should mean they’re identical. Honestly, some of the most chosen and desirable cabins are not found in the highest categories. We’re talking about the special standard balcony cabins. It offers additional features like the hump balcony. It can only be found on ships that bulge out at the middle. As a result, it offers a much larger balcony and interior space. With regards to the corner aft cabins, it Is priced the same as with the regular aft cabins which features a wrap-around balcony.