The Safest and Best Places to Travel With Royal Holiday Vacation Club This Year

The Safest and Best Places to Travel With Royal Holiday Vacation Club This Year

January 20, 2021 Off By Clare Louise

According to travel experts, from 2021 on, many of us will view travel in a new light and will begin to appreciate those getaway opportunities more than ever before. In fact, travel had become so much an ingrained part of modern lifestyle that, experts maintain, we had all but started to take it for granted. Now, after the bleak year of 2020, people will appreciate more the role of travel in our life—how it replenishes and nourishes us and inspires us to go on with our daily life.

New travel trends for 2021

According to travel trends experts, as travel opportunities become wider with the easing of lockdown and more counties opening their doors to foreigners, we can also expect some new travel trends to emerge in 2021. One of these is that many people may become more interested in visiting attractive tourist destinations closer to home in place of choosing international travel. As global travel was fraught with all sorts of difficulties for most of 2020, many had to opt for shorter tours in their own respective countries. And this has helped dawn the realization that we often miss out on many small gems nearer home courtesy of our fascination for international travel. A British citizen and you’ve never visited the Scottish Highlands? You get the point!

Another predicted trend is that people will opt for ‘slower travel.’ Rather than rushing through from one destination to the next (often with a box-ticking impulse), people may want to stay at any one place a little longer. For one thing, this is safer for health reasons but also since this provides us real opportunities to explore the locale, know the people of the place firsthand, and in short, help us get under the skin of the place.

Finally, secluded and less-populated locales may be priorities for travelers looking to avoid crowds as the threat of the pandemic is still far from over.

Top Vacation Spots for 2021: Predictions

Countries like Costa Rica and New Zealand have been perennial favorites with global tourists. And experts say that they may become even more popular this year since both countries have done a great job in keeping the Covid-19 cases to a minimum. The British Virgin Islands may also see a significant uptick in tourist footfall thanks to its numerous secluded beaches, pristine waters, and watersport opportunities. For the same reason, Maldives is also predicted to welcome a generous amount of international tourists this year. Closer home, North American travelers are expected to explore many Mexican destinations. These include the beach resorts but many inland destinations as well. Mexico was, in fact, one of the first countries to allow North American travelers into the country, and places such as Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City may experience more than its average share of U.S. tourists this year. And finally, U.S. travelers this year are likely to head off to many domestic destinations that they have been putting off for years.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club

If you want to plan your travel with a globally recognized vacation club, Royal Holiday Vacation Club is one of the safest choices you have. The Club has already devised and put into place its comprehensive Safe Guest Program across all its numerous destinations. The Program has been designed in collaboration with Cristal International, and all spa, resort, and hotel destinations affiliated with Royal Holiday must meet the requirements of the five key Cristal International certifications.