The Right Lingerie For You

The Right Lingerie For You

May 10, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

Choosing which lingerie to buy is probably the hardest decision a woman has to make. Especially in today’s market, where the choices of lingerie available are ever increasing, it becomes quite tricky to choose the perfect piece.

Go ahead and choose the one that calls out to you, but you must not forget to use the Intimissimi discount codes for great offers and deals. Here are some guidelines which can definitely help you in selecting the right lingerie.

  1. Know your size

The most important step when buying lingerie is to know your size. If you know your size, then buying a set of lingerie will not be a problem. The perfect sized wear will make you feel comfortable and will make you feel more confident. Lingerie that is above your size or below your size will not be able to create the charm as the right sized lingerie will do. In case you are not sure of what size to take get yourself measured.

  1. Do not shy away from your size

You might feel like buying lingerie that is of size more than yours, just for the sake of fitting into the image created by the society. There is nothing like an ideal figure. Every size is beautiful, and every size matter. Be true to yourself and buy your size. You should never compromise on your size while purchasing lingerie. Learn to stand up against the pressures of the society or the images of the fashion magazine. You buy the size that is perfect for you and feel confident to wear it.

  1. Keep your style comfortable

Lingerie is not just about wearing the most revealing piece of clothing. Lingerie is fashioned to bring out your sensual side, and the meaning of it can vary from person to person. If you do not feel comfortable in the garters or thigh high stockings, then do not buy them under pressure. There is an extensive section of lingerie for you, waiting to be explored. You can start with boy shorts and tank tops. Later when you are more comfortable in trying out different pieces of lingerie, you can choose to try a cheeky knicker. Always remember, the sexiest asset is your confidence.

  1. Colours that compliment you

While it is easier to go for the basic black and nude, it is way more attractive if you choose the colours that compliment your skin tone. Colours like hot pink, smoking red etc. look sexier and can be more arousing. You should know about the colours that suit you the best and then pick up lingerie in that range.

  1. Get it together

You might want to experiment with one piece of something and the other piece from a different section. But it is suggested that you buy the entire set to avoid any chances of mismatch. You can continue experimenting even after buying the set. Pair up with other pieces of lingerie if you feel it looks attractive. There’s no harm in giving it a twist!

  1. Look for quality

One part of buying lingerie is looking for the design. The most important aspect is to make sure that the quality is perfect. A lot depends on the material of the lingerie. If the material is not comfortable, then you will feel a constant state of discomfort. It will not be attractive at all, and no matter how great the design of the lingerie is, it will lose its charm.

  1. Try and Choose

Choosing lingerie is easy. Try them on before you buy it to check if it is perfect for your body or not. It is essential to check whether the fitting is correct or not. Also, you should buy lingerie only if you are comfortable wearing it. It is better to try it at the showroom itself, rather than having to get it exchanged later.

  1. Choose for the occasion

If there is a certain occasion, you are buying lingerie for then keep in mind some guidelines. Choose according to the requirements of the event, for example, if it is a party which you have to attend for a long time then avoid buying the heavy lingerie. Instead, go for comfortable ones. If the occasion is celebrating your anniversary, then go for the sexier lacy ones. When the purpose is to bring out the sensual side and set the mood, then a red or black lacy lingerie is always the best choice.

Do not forget to take care of your lingerie; they belong to your collection after all! A good number of lingerie never fail to boost a lady’s confidence.