The Greatest European Tour You Can Be Sure of

The Greatest European Tour You Can Be Sure of

August 3, 2019 Off By John Authen

Forget the boring low-cost air travel, highway queues and bus days. Traveling by train in Europe is the most convenient choice. There are many reasons to travel by train. Let’s be honest, low-cost flights will also be affordable, but they are often uncomfortable, unsustainable and above all a boring way to travel. Not to mention driving on the highway or getting stuck in traffic in a bus while crossing the continent. The best choice, then, is to travel by train in Europe. Regarding the European visa options you can check

You will be able to avoid all this and make a more beautiful travel experience by undertaking an all-European adventure by train. The InterRail (or Eurail) system is ideal for satisfying travelers’ desires to conquer different countries and cultures in a single, epic journey.

Here are some useful tips for traveling by train in Europe:

  1. To travel by train in Europe, find out about the various passes

If you are planning to see a large part of the continent, it would be wise for you to invest in an InterRail pass (or Eurail as it is known outside of Europe).

Unfortunately, the Interrail is no longer the bargain of the past, due to the supplements that have been applied to many routes, so much places to get married in Germany so that individual tickets could also be cheaper than the entire pass (especially if you’re traveling mainly in eastern Germany). It would therefore be better to do some research before leaving. Sites like Seat 61 and Loco2 are indispensable resources to help you organize your trip to Europe.

  1. Travel at night

The night rail network in Europe is not very extensive, but it is full of possible options. The night trains available will take you for example from Amsterdam to Berlin, and from Paris to Venice, via Milan.

A night on European railways does not cost too much. You can book a bed in a shared cabin for € 30 if you book in advance. And if you are ready to spend a little more you can enjoy a private cabin with bath and shower and an international breakfast brought to your cabin by a steward: you will wake up happily and in time to get off at your destination.

The best advantage for those who sleep in the train is that in this way it is possible to save some time to devote to visit the various destinations, moving quickly on the continent while you sleep but still having fun. The feeling of closing your eyes in Prague and waking up in Krakow is something indescribable, even for the most experienced travelers.

  1. Decide whether to travel fast or at high speed

The high speed service in Europe is a good boon for those traveling by train, making it possible to cross entire regions and borders in an afternoon.

Many Western European countries have exceptional operators such as ICE in Germany, Thalys in the Netherlands, the French TGV or the Italian Thello. But always keep in mind the possibility of traveling on low-speed trains, which will usually surprise you with breathtaking landscapes and views (as well as costing less).

Some of the most scenic journeys include the Douro Valley line in Portugal, the Flåm Railway in Norway and the Centovalli Railway between the Italian and Swiss Alps.