Tanzania safari – A detailed Guide

Tanzania safari – A detailed Guide

April 28, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

Tanzania or better known as the United Republic of Tanzania is a country locked by countries in its three sides and sea on one side. It lies to the east of the African continent. It shares its borders with Kenya to the northeast, Uganda to the north and Mozambique and Malawi to the south. The country of Tanzania is one of the countries that have vast areas of grasslands bounded with wild animals. Tanzania is one of the perfect places to choose for wildlife safaris that will fill your heart with adventurous thrust.

Safarihub offers you the best chances to experience the majestic safari of the vast grasslands of Tanzania. It offers the spotting of animals like hyenas and wildebeests along with large herds of elephants. The teams of cheetahs teaming up to hunt down their prey can also be witnessed live. Being a part of the migration camping from the safari hub, the migration camps provide the avid beauty of the migration camps. Located inside the Tarangire National park, filled with interesting landscapes and Baobab trees, it I still considered to be of the most attractive wildlife parks in the world. It has a great number of elephant population and is also home to many carnivorous animals like cheetahs, lions an leopards. Spotting giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, zebras are not uncommon in this region. The splendid view of the grasslands with the setting sun and the herds of animals returning will make your heart skip a bit. Dinner is provided to the campsite under the shades of a million stars. Lake Manyara is also on the parts of this trip that comes under the Tarangire Area. It hosts a countless number of birds including flamingos. Other animas might include boisterous baboons and monkeys.

Another trip that safari hub provides for the Tanzania safari is the Budget Tanzania Safari. With the beauty of the Serengeti and the herds of animals that visit the land, the majestic view of the safari lives you spellbound.  The 7 day trip to the grassland is the worth of the price paid for it. Driving through the bush savannah and the marshy path of the Tarangire National Park, the place is considered to be the idle one to view elephants from the top.  The place is also home to wildebeest, zebras, buffaloes and other animals. Spotting of lions, leopards and cheetahs are common in the region and if luck favors then the hunting scene of the predators upon their prey can be witnessed too. Later on the day the camp is set on the banks of the Lake Burunge to spend the night. The Serengeti promises to eave everyone spellbound by the view and the culture it inherits within itself. The tribes also allows tourists to experience their culture and be a part of their way of living. The plantation on the Serengeti is also shown within the route.

The experience of the safaris will leave anyone in awe. Safari hub promises the maximum of its capability to keep its tourists happy and satisfied at any point.