Stopover flight: what it is and how it works

Stopover flight: what it is and how it works

August 27, 2019 Off By John Authen

If you love to know the most destinations around the world and still save money, have you ever heard of flights with Stopover ? During a plane trip, you can land in a connecting city along the way and spend a few days there before continuing your route – all at no extra cost on the ticket. It may seem impossible, but more and more travelers who want to know an intermediate destination during a flight use Stopover to economically explore new places around the world. Want to know more? We have designed a guide for you to better understand how it works and how to purchase Stopover tickets.

What does stopover mean?

In the world of airlines and aviation, the word Stopover is very common. Nevertheless, many travelers are still unaware of how Stopover flights work. But after all, what is Stopover? This expression is used when the plane makes a long stop before reaching its destination. Stopover is a strategic stop that a passenger can make midway through a connection or stopover to enjoy one or more days at an intermediate destination. The cool thing is that with Stopover, you know an extra city without paying anything extra for it. This means that you take advantage of your ticket to a particular city to meet another that is halfway.

How does a stopover flight work?

To better understand how Stopover flights work, let’s take a practical example? Let’s say you bought a trip from Brazil to the United States and your flight has a long connection in Panama. With Stopover, you can make a strategic stop in Panama and spend one or more days in the country, including your bags. After knowing the intermediate destination, which in our example is Panama, you take your flight again to finally reach your destination, which is the United States. All of this is accomplished at no extra cost on your ticket, meaning you know two or more destinations for the price of one. Remember that in order to take advantage of Stopover, you must hire it before purchasing the airfare. You cannot set this option late, during a connection or call. Many travel agencies offer accommodation arrangements for stop over travel arrangements. You can either go with big multinational agents such as, Expedia, Edreams, which are all-encompassing online travel agents has been trusted booking services since early days of online booking. Alternatively you can choose to go with more boutique agencies that specialised in local areas such as greeceholidaytours, dstravelthailand

How to buy a stopover ticket?

Stopover tickets are only available on international flights and can be purchased on the airline’s own websites, airline sales centers, through a travel agency or on websites that compare airline ticket values. Each airline usually has specific rules, so it is worth knowing before purchasing your ticket. In case of purchase through the airlines website, it is necessary to select the multicity, multiple destinations or multiple cities option when purchasing the ticket. There you can search for flights with long connections or stopovers, choose the best dates and set your itinerary. 

Remember that on flights with Stopover, the fare will have to show the initial value of the ticket, without considering the intermediate destination. In some cases, only additional airport charges may apply, but nothing very significant.

Airlines that offer stopover

Several airlines operating in Brazil offer Stopover tickets. You can take the opportunity to visit many amazing places around the world. Below, we separate the airlines that offer Stopover flights and their main connection centers, also known as hubs, ie the intermediate places you might know before leaving for your destination:

South America

Bogota (Avianca and LAN), Santiago (LAN), Buenos Aires (Aerolíneas), Lima (LAN and Avianca), Asuncion and Ciudad del Lester (Tam Mercosur), Cochabamba (BoA), Quito (Tame).


Amsterdam (KLM), Frankfurt and Munich (Lufthansa), Lisbon and Porto (TAP), London (BA), Madrid (Iberia), Paris (Air France), Rome (Alitalia), Zurich (Swiss)

North and Central America

Mexico City (Aeromexico), Panama City (Copa), Havana (Cubana), Toronto (Air Canada)


Miami (American), New York (American, Delta, United), Los Angeles (American and Korean), Washington, Chicago and Houston (United), Dallas (American), Atlanta and Detroit (Delta)


Casablanca (Royal Air Maroc), Johannesburg (South African), Addis Ababa and Lomé (Ethiopian), Luanda (TAAG)


Abu Dhabi (Etihad), Doha (Qatar), Dubai (Emirates), Istanbul (Turkish), Beijing (Air China), Singapore (Singapore)