Self-Catering or All-Inclusive?

Self-Catering or All-Inclusive?

July 11, 2019 Off By admin


Choosing between going on an all-inclusive holiday, vs going on a self-catering Aberdovey holiday is always going to depend on what you want to get out of your holiday. The cheapest option whilst also ensuring it’s going to work for the whole group is the best way to choose which holiday type is going to suit you.

All-inclusive is often favoured as an easy option, it removes the need to plan for food and drink, whilst self-catering is chosen for the flexibility, freedom and the chance to save some extra money.

For those who are traveling in large groups, self-catering is a great choice. Travelling on a self-catering basis allows you to have complete and utter freedom and can save a lot of money. Staying in self-catering accommodation, getting ingredients from local shops and cooking dinner will save a lot of money, plus you’ll be able to try all the local delicacies and foods. Going into restaurants in a large group on holiday can be a bit of a challenge, you have to be mindful of other diners, possibly have to restrict your noise – self-catering takes these stresses away, you can simply just enjoy yourselves and mass catering is always a savvy way to go.

Freedom is a big reason to choose a self-catering holiday; you’re not tied down to specific meal times like with an all-inclusive break. You can go off and explore the local area, immerse yourselves in the culture without clock watching to see if you need to head back for dinner. Self-catering means that meal times are flexible, and you can cook food that everyone is going to like – something that cannot be guaranteed for fussy eaters on an all-inclusive holiday.

With an all-inclusive holiday, everything is paid for, which is an obvious plus point. However, this can lead to you restricting yourselves; because everything has been paid for you won’t want to miss meal times or feel as though you haven’t gotten your money’s worth. If you think along this route then you might not explore the local restaurants or try the local cuisine, which would be a huge shame! Self-catering gives you the chance to try different foods at your own discretion.

Self-catering accommodation can come in all shapes and sizes; with lots of people choosing to stay at self-catering resorts or holiday cottages Aberdovey. These resorts or holiday villages often have amenities like kids playrooms, and the opportunity to mingle and interact with other kids on holiday. Making new friends is a great way for kids to have fun on holiday – with lots of family friendly activities in the local areas, you could even plan a day trip together!

Privacy is a big consideration when planning a holiday, by choosing a self-catered holiday you get a much higher level of privacy than you would with all-inclusive. You’ll have your own fully-equipped kitchen to use and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the kids as you’ll be in your own contained accommodation.