Royal Holiday Vacation Club; How They Are Setting The Standard Across The Hospitality Sector

Royal Holiday Vacation Club; How They Are Setting The Standard Across The Hospitality Sector

October 16, 2020 Off By admin

Are guests planning a trip to Mexico and wondering where guests will stay? After Coronavirus attacked several countries, people have devoted fear to travel. However, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has set measures that help boost customer safety.

These club has partnered with the ministry of health, sharing important information on affected areas, and protecting people from the ongoing pandemic when visiting Therese areas. People are undergoing thorough screening, and the hotels have adopted several measures to boost hospitality, safety, and sanitation.

Safety program

The current global pandemic has led its launching of a safety program in all Royal Holiday vacation club hotels and resorts. The stakeholders have invested in safeguarding guest’s health by providing excellent sanitation.

If a client is visiting from an infected area, guests will undergo screening, and in case guests test positive for Coronavirus, they will be taken to quarantine.

ECOLAB Products

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has also incorporated ECOLAB sanitation products, which are excellent in sanitation and disinfecting surfaces. Employees in this club are now benefiting from using these products weigh eco-friendly and do the trick.

They can use them to disinfect utensils and surfaces since these products are non-toxic and guarantee high-quality standards. Customers will have peace of mind knowing guests are living in a virus-free zone.

Safe guest program

This initiative has taken Royal Holiday Vacation Club to the next level by ensuring all guests know how to protect themselves. This pandemic is infectious, and it means everyone has a significant role to play to curtail this problem.

The hotels and resorts have partnered with Cristal International standard conduct to teach people how to protect guests’ self from this pandemic. Customers will be guided on safety standards while at the guest rooms, hygiene protocols, food, beverages, and water systems.

It means guests can still have fun gaining to the swimming pool, eating meals from these hotels, and relying on the water systems. After extensive training and consideration, Cristal International Standards offers a certificate of operation.

Room checkups

Royal Holiday Vacation Club also ensures that all rooms are checked and in order before people get into rest. All rooms in these hotels and resorts are disinfected and certified for guests’ benefit. The management ensures that all rooms have special kits with disinfectants and other hygiene products.

Moreover, all employees in this company are trained to disinfect and attend to every detail. They will take time sanitizing chairs, tables, and other surfaces most commonly touched. They disinfect the Door regularly handles as well as standard rooms.


There are notification posters all over urging guests to keep the 5ft social distance while at the beach of pools. This is possible since the club only accepts a limited number of guests. Guests are guaranteed privacy and ample space to store guest’s things.

Social distancing

The hotel, park, and resorts tables are kept at a distance, allowing people to meet the government’s set measures regarding social stance. The employees use advanced sanitation to infected standard rooms allowing people to live in an area free from disease-causing microbes.

The primary objective of this company is to help the customers and meeting all their needs. Set measures have proven to be quite useful in keeping people safe and reducing cases of sick people. There are disinfectants all over the hotel so that guests can regularly disinfect many surfaces or food.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has set strict measures necessary in protecting guests, and the infection. Materials used are of high quality, affordable, and eco-friendly. All rooms are well cleaned and disinfected with natural products, saving guests many trouble and many after being infected.