Roots: A way to get closer to Spain’s Celtic origins

Roots: A way to get closer to Spain’s Celtic origins

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Spain’s story is definitely one of the strongest parts of its appealing charm. From a Persian invasion on its early history, to all the medieval and conquering tales, Spain opens the gate to the European continent and definitely has a lot on its back, and its eager to tell those tales to its visitors.

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A weekend escape that helps you connect again

Galicia is not often seen on the top charts of Spain’s most famous traveling destinies; however, one of its advantages is that it doesn’t fall behind when it comes to amenities for its visitors. Just as you can find Malaga airport transfer services, you can also easily find them at Santiago de Compostela’s airport, thus making transport one thing less to worry about.

Galicia is definitely one of the places with more history. Land of Celts, meigas and witches, we will be in full contact with nature here, and it will be a trip full of mysticism and traditions. The Celts inhabited almost the entire Galician territory so it is very easy to follow their tracks and the castros that are easily found were their homes. So every time you see the ruins of a fort, remember that we are in a magical and ancient place.

Castro de Baroña

In the council of Porto Do Son in  Coruña, specifically in the parish of Baroña, we find the best preserved Celtic fort in Galicia, a fishermen’s settlement from the Iron Age that was inhabited since the 1st century BCVery close to the castro is one of the most charming towns in Galicia, Noia, ideal for taking a walk and discovering its medieval streets and trying its traditional cockle pie.

Mount Pindo

Also called the “Sacred Mount” or “Celtic Olympus”, Mount Pindo is a prodigy of nature very close to Carnota and Mazaricos, with impressive views of the entire Costa da Morte, the Rías de Corcubión, Muros and Noia.

A place of legends, such as the one that says that the vertical arrangement of the stones on the mountain are the spirits of the druids and Celtic heroes who took the form of stone to remain in this magical place for eternity.