Romantic Places to see in Europe this Summer

Romantic Places to see in Europe this Summer

May 14, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

Europe is the most popular destination among travelers especially couples who come to seek something special. The buzzing destinations offer special romantic places to those who want to spice up their quality time during vacation. Several tourists want to enjoy a relaxing time away from their stressed reality and for them, Europe can be their best escape.

There are tons of romantic places that one can think of when they need time off. There is some romantic escape to wonderlands of Europe which can be preferred during high season which is either in winter or summer.

Epitomizing Beaches in France

France is a giver and for an eventful vacation, there is no perfect destination than it. Tourists can find best Romantic beaches in France which are quintessential for a European holiday.

  • Plage de la Cote Basques can offer an absolute wilderness where travelers may get lost. The unkempt atmosphere, surroundings and the appealing nature of high tides can make travelers fall in love.
  • Calanqued’enVau is one of the best Romantic beaches in France that would make travelers feel awesome about their trip. It is enclosed by rocky walls, outlined by pristine shimmering sand and tourists can perform several exciting activities.
  • Les Calanques de Cassis is surrounded by beautiful surrounding and magnificent outdoors which makes it special among nature enthusiasts. There are several photogenic spots around the popular beach French fjord.
  • Antibes Beaches is the dreamy coastal town which is nestled between Nice and Cannes and tourists can spot plenty of attractions. The popular Antibes beaches are PlagePonteil, Plage du Fort Carre, Biot, etc.

Fantastic Places in Spain

The world-famous lush meadows, beaches, hills, snowy mountains and green valleys, tourists can have all in Spain. The hot samba, flamenco, and Sangrias are worth to mention and these what makes the country special and magical.

  • Tenerife in the Canary Islands can be one of the best choices which are blessed with sunshine all year long. There are plenty of beach resorts and restaurants.
  • Madrid is the urban chic capital of the country and one of the cosmopolitan and Romantic places in Spain which has blends of Spanish style and urban energy.
  • Toledo has a rustic charm and it is a walled and fortified location with the castle. One of the most Romantic places in Spain whispers romance in every corner and has a plethora of cozy restaurants, ancient architecture, etc.
  • Andalucia can be the perfect romantic spot for the tourists and get all – the sun, sand, etc. It is sure to be a memorable trip full of twists.

Summers are a great time for travelers to enjoy travel destinations across the globe where their budget and time do favor their interest. It’s time for you to decide you need fun filled activities in your vacation or looking for a calm place to have some personal time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.