Planning for Your Trip to Russia

Planning for Your Trip to Russia

September 4, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

You want to find the right time to travel to Russia since Russia can get cold. If you are  interested in city tours Russia visitors will want to consider planning their trips anytime from May to October. This is the high season for traveling but it can get crowded during their summer months.

Getting a Visa for Russia

You will need a visa to go to Russia. Most Russian tourist visas are good for a maximum of 30 days so it’s important to check eligibility requirements. How long it will take for you to get a visa will depend on the visa you are applying for and whether or not you have all the completed documents. You should allow two months for your visa so you have extra time in case of any issues.

What to Pack?

If you are traveling during the summer then bring what you would wear in the summer including a light jacket for the evenings. If you booked a city tour,you will want to bring comfortable walking shoes. If your tour includes a visit to the theater or opera then bring dark shoes and a jacket for men and dressier clothes for women. Russia also uses two round European outlets for electricity needs. You can find an adapter online and you want to bring this so you are prepared. In order to use your cell phone in Russia, you will need to unlock the phone with your service provider or have international roaming. You won’t need any shots before you go to Russia since it’s safe for foreigners. Even those in Russia who won’t drink it unless it is boiled usually avoid tap water. If you are on prescription medication, you should bring enough to last the entire trip.

Arrival in Russia

Once you arrive in the country, you go through Immigration Control. An officer will look at both your visa and passport. Once you clear the immigration section, you will need to get your luggage and then go through Customs Declarations, which will be separated into two corridors, red and green. If you don’t have anything to declare then go through the green corridor.

Tipping in Russia

Tips are common in Russia but are usually smaller than in the United States. If you have a good experience at a restaurant then a 10% tip is considered generous. If you have booked a private tour and want to tip the guide then the recommended amount is $25 dollars for an eight-hour tour. It is always at your own discretion.


It can be a common concern but Russia is safe. There is a police force and a friendly population. While it is safe, you should still follow basic precautions for all travel, including not carrying your passport with you.