Plan Your Tour to the world’s Most Adorable Monument: The Taj Mahal

Plan Your Tour to the world’s Most Adorable Monument: The Taj Mahal

February 8, 2020 Off By Paul Petersen

Agra is a most beautiful place to visit and is considered as the biggest empire ruled by the Mughals. We all wish to go on a trip when we are bored with our daily work pressure but due to shortage of time we mostly cancel our plans. That’s why to short this plan we are having these Agra day tour packages. The best part of this package is you need not to take long vacations you can even get it done on your weekend. As Agra is not a very much big city so it takes hardly a day to explore all major places of the city and we are sure that you are going to love it visiting. Here, we are going to tell some more interesting facts about this Taj Mahal tour by car which you are going to enjoy.

About the city

It is all known that Taj Mahal is located in the Agra city of Uttar Pradesh state. The city also comes under the Golden triangle tour of India along with Jaipur and Dekho. It is definitely going to be a lot of fun and pleasure for visiting here. Do you know that the city is full of ravishing natural beauty, historical monuments, busy streets and shopping hubs. In short this Taj Mahal tour is like a complete package of fun and enjoyment.

What to enjoy in Taj Mahal

If you are visiting Taj Mahal for the first time then you should be aware what to do and what to not. Do not carry irrelevant things with you inside the monument like camera, lighter, cigarette, alcohol, food etc. Being a citizen it is our duty to keep the monument neat and clean so do not litter.

* Sunrise view

We hardly get chance to see the beautiful sunrise moments especially with your partner or loved ones. If you are visiting to the Taj Mahal then it is going to be the most amazing picturesque view. It is said that the Taj Mahal looks more beautiful at the time of sunrise so if you are willing to enjoy this moment then you need to come early in the morning.

* Photography

As it is the digital world and we all click snaps first of all so we are sure that you will like to get your photographs clicked in this wonderful monument. If you wish then you can click your pics with your own mobile but you can not carry camera in the premises without special permission. Instead of it you also have the chance of getting your pictures by the professional photographers.

* Shopping

Everyone loves to do shopping and all of us look for the shopping hub where we can purchase traditional and famous stuff. Agra is most famous for its clothes, sweets and handicraft items. We will also advise you to take a small replica of Taj Mahal which will always remind you for this eternal trip. In this same day agra tour by car you have a good chance of enjoying the trip to the fullest.