Plan your Party on a Personal Luxury Yacht in Tenerife

Plan your Party on a Personal Luxury Yacht in Tenerife

November 7, 2021 Off By admin

For every special occasion in Tenerife, a luxury yacht rental party should be considered. On a yacht, you can enjoy the turquoise blue water, food, and music, as well as the splendid view of whales and dolphins and various other sea creature species. A theme will add a lot of pleasure to your party and allow you to remember it every day.

Hiring a yacht or boat in Tenerife is easy. Check with Club Canary that is a tour company in Tenerife. They provide yacht and boat hire Tenerife at an affordable price. They also give packages that are exciting which is the best thing that can be availed along with your party. Their yacht excursion packages include whale and dolphin views and it is a 3-hour long trip which is enough to enjoy a party within the sea. Also, enjoy some water activities along with your friends and family to make the trip memorable. 

There is nothing as exciting as hiring a personal yacht in Tenerife. Once you board the boat you’re the boss. Use it the way you want without violating Tenerife regulations. 

We have sorted to a list of ideas that are suitable for a thrilling party and enjoyment –

Engagement Parties or Bachelor Parties 

Throwing an engagement party or bachelor’s party on a luxury yacht appears elegant and splendid. Visitors are greeted with champagne ready to eat food. Some tour companies or yacht rental companies in Tenerife also assist with decorations, menu, drinks, etc. you just need to pay them and let them know what you’re looking for and they set it up according to your wish. A bachelor’s party is incomplete without adventure. Why not add some water activities along with whale and dolphin sight?

Reunion Parties

Reunions have a lot of photos, awards, and memories included. When the guests arrive, all of these things bring them back to their current memories. Reunions are all special gatherings where long distant friends also gather around to live childhood memories. Those memories can be relieved with friends in the middle of the sea on a yacht. A reunion on a yacht is an excellent place to take candid images with dolphins swimming in the background that can be posted on social media.

Birthday Party with DJ

Keep the party alive and guests happy with music. Ask the sailor to stop the boat near shallow water and give your guests a chance to jump off the boat to cool down their excitement. 

Plan a surprise party for the people you admire. Invite them to a luxury yacht. Most people arrange their parties in restaurants and hotels because they feel it is the right venue which has everything to be used in a party. Honestly, it is a tradition that is being carried on for decades. Let’s make some changes to this trend. There will be no dull moments for the visitors. Once you decide hiring boat in Tenerife for your party, you’ll be surprised to see how many ideas pop up in your mind.