Packing Tips to Make your Self Catering Holiday a Success

Packing Tips to Make your Self Catering Holiday a Success

September 19, 2019 Off By John Authen

Self catering Aberdovey holidays are a go to for family getaways – partly due to the fact that renting a holiday cottage Aberdovey can be very cost effective, but also because a holiday cottage can offer more space and home comforts than any hotel and certainly more than camping can.

Whenever families go away on holiday, they usually write out an exhaustive list of what they need to pack; years of forgetting vital supplies has made the process a fine art. Here is a comprehensive list that should give a solid starting point for packing.

Essentials to Pack

  • Sharp Knife

This might be slightly critical, but a lot of self catering kitchens don’t have the sharpest of knives – and trying to cut an onion with a blunt knife is a nightmare process. If you are planning on being really organised, you may also want to either pack a can opener and a bottle opener or call the accommodation to check what is actually included in their kitchen supplies.

  • Tea Towel

Some places provide these, others don’t. A tea towel takes up limited space so it’s an idea to just chucko one in; you can also use it to wrap the sharp knives so you don’t cut yourself when you reach to get something out of the bag.

  • Sandwich bags/Tupperware

It might sound strange to some, but frugal families aren’t strangers to the humble sandwich bag. Family picnics are an ideal was to save some cash on holiday – always try to bring a roll of sandwich bags and a selection of different sized tupperware to make packing up the daily picnic simpler.

  • Reusable Water Bottles

Along the same lines as the tupperware point above, it’s always wise to pack a large selection of reusable water bottles as kids and adults will always get thirsty whilst out and about, and this stops the need for constantly buying drinks throughout the day.

  • Selection of Board Games

Some holiday cottages will provide games, or they might have a communal areas with games you can use. If you’re unsure what will be provided, it’s a safe bet to pack a couple of family favourites. Scrabble, Monopoly and Uno are some of the best (and competitive) family board games that can help you spend a few hours in the evening trying to relax playing.

  • Washing Up Liquid/Sponges

Just incase your accommodation doesn’t have kitchen clean-up supplies it is an idea to bring some from home. To save money, why not decant some washing up liquid into a little squeezy bottle or tupperware container.

  • Favourite Herbs & Spices

Don’t forget to bring your most used herbs and spices from home, this will mean you can cook tasty dishes without having to splash out on all new spices. An idea would be to bring; salt, pepper, oregano, chicken stock and chilli flakes.

  • Phone Chargers

This is critical in our modern world of internet connectivity. When it comes to chargers, take more than one. Though, some people like to have a digital detox on holiday, so it is completely down to personal preference.