One of the Best Tourist Destinations in Colorado Is Trinidad

One of the Best Tourist Destinations in Colorado Is Trinidad

July 18, 2019 Off By John Authen

Since marijuana has become legalized for recreational use in Colorado, the tourism industry has grown greatly. In fact, some of the smaller towns in Colorado are experiencing a “boom” in growth with Trinidad being one of these towns. Trinidad is 21 miles north of Raton, New Mexico and 195 miles south of Denver and is located on the historic Santa Fe Trail – a lot of pot trade comes from New Mexico.

Pot friendly

Trinidad has many recreational marijuana stores that get traffic from New Mexico as well as California which is a direct shot on I-25 North. The major motels are pot friendly motels Colorado. And what does “pot friendly” mean? These are hotels that allows guest to smoke pot in their rooms and doesn’t have any rules or regulations against it. 

Trinidad’s finest

One of Trinidad Colorado’s premium hotels is known as Tower 64. It is snuggled among the beauty of the mountains at 7000 feet above sea level and is ultra-chic being a relaxing getaway from the hectic world of the city. Their primary focus is to offer reasonable rooms and quickly became the best pot friendly hotel Colorado.


All motels and hotels want to ensure that their clients and tourist have a great time in an environment that is marijuana friendly. The staffs at hotels and motels are dedicated to the support of ‘Colorado’s Amendment 64’, that legalizing the use of marijuana for adults above the age of 21. 

Boom to tourists

Colorado already was a huge tourist location but the legalization of marijuana – wow what a boost to the tourist trade. People have taken gain of this legalization by taking what was called “420” friendly trips as well as planning marijuana vacations to those states that are legalized. Colorado quickly became one the most popular destinations not just because pot was legal, but for the stunning beauty and weather all make this a great vacation spot.

Places to go

Downtown Trinidad has several famous museums as well as a renowned local Community Theatre. If you have never seen a play done in a community theatre you should as some of the local actors are as talented as famous ones.