Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat Like Community

Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat Like Community

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The community of Mount Shasta is a great place to live an active lifestyle, or perhaps even retire to. There are ‘red & white’ hot springs in nearby Weed, as well as plenty of boating and swimming in Lake Shasta, and are likewise just as lovely. Overall, it’s a quiet, humble collection of villages and towns. It’s likely too peaceful and uninteresting for those who need the hustle and bustle of city life. It does snow, and you need to shovel it in the winter. One thing to be aware of is that the local woodlands can catch serious fire, as it has done in the past. Some authors note the numerous waterfalls, along with the ancient volcanic eruptions that have spewed volcanic glass, known as obsidian, onto the landscapes in certain areas, like Glass Mountain. But it is important to note that Mount Shasta has been rated next to Rainier as the next mountain to blow up, so be mindful of those little tremors and small earth quakes!

Things to Do                                 

You can hike and climb up and around numerous mountain trails in the summer, as well as fishing and water skiing. A couple of other smaller sized mountains are worth mentioning here: Mt. Eddy lies north and across the valley from Mount Shasta, and is named after Olive Paddock Eddy, the first woman recorded to ever climb Mount Shasta. Then there is Goose Nest Mountain, about 20 airline miles from Mount Shasta with its  8280′ peak, that some say looks like a UFO base.

The Pacific Crest Trail travels from the South and West, thru the Trinity Alps and the Marble Valley. Some local native Americans are trying to restore streams in the area. Then you can ski the downhill slopes in the winter, as there are ski lifts available, and there are two mountain ranges nearby.

For climbers with little or no climbing experience, Cantara Crag is a short walk from the parking area. For the more advanced climber, try Castle Crags. It is a strenuous 2-3 hour uphill hike to the rock and climbers should be in great physical condition for its severe multi-pitch climbing.

It can also be fun to go listen to the local Shasta Taiko, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the art of Taiko – Japanese drumming. They play in different areas outside with nature as their back drop.

Some individuals do grow pot in the area. They do so quietly and not on a large scale. A couple of locations are booby trapped for the competitors or farmers, but not the casual passerby. If you are out hiking and happen upon a grow operation, back out slowly as well as silently; no one wants the accidental tourist or an individual to get hurt.

The head waters of Mount Shasta are as pure as the driven snow, and therefore attract commercial water companies, such as Nestle and Crystal Geyser that bottle their water here. This has created quite a controversy among the community, and they are fighting the attempts of national and international corporations to privatize their local water sources.

You can go on a sacred voyage here, known as a Mount Shasta Retreat. It is very popular, for this mountain is known as a great place for spiritual retreats of all kinds. Saint Germain and the purple flame is known to reside here, and many people have seen his apparitions. There is a very spiritual community here in Mount Shasta, full of crystal singing bowls and crystal shops. It easily compares to the spiritual retreats in Hawaii. Here you can have a Hawaiian shaman, that usually does shamanic retreats in Hawaii, take you on a drug free journey, where the portals of Mount Shasta open and you can see into another world.

I recommend you check out  Mount Shasta Spiritual and learn about the transformational retreats that are available here.