Most Expensive City to Own a Car – A Comprehensive Analysis

Most Expensive City to Own a Car – A Comprehensive Analysis

February 25, 2020 Off By admin

Birmingham is the most expensive city in the UK, costing the average motorist £3326.87. This makes it even more costly than London and Manchester, according to a new study.

Taking into account insurance, fuel, parking cost, residents permit cost, drivers in Birmingham pay almost twice as much in car costs as those in Southampton, where drivers spend an average of just £1700. Drivers in Exeter pay less than £560 for car insurance, compared to nearly £1500 in London.

The data analysed includes parking, insurance cost, fuel,and residents permit cost.

Birmingham is followed by London (£2,921.12 a year) and Manchester (£2,994.36 a year), with the average annual cost of motoring across the UK coming in at £3,326.87. Fuel was the biggest cost, followed by insurance and residents permit cost.

As of parking costs, Manchester features high up on the list, while in cities like Leeds, parking comes free of charge. Visitors in the city will have to pay around £260 for on-street parking, according to the study by kwik-fit.

Speaking of car insurance, motorists in Birmingham have the highest premiums, paying am average of £1,125 annually. Manchester too features high up in the list due to its high insurance costs. The residents in Exeter pay only £559.47 half of the national average.

When it comes to parking, Nottingham drivers pay the most for parking – £284 on average – and, perhaps, unsurprisingly, they also receive the most parking fines.


When it comes to most expensive city to own a car, Belfast is the most expensive city for fuel, with an average yearly cost of £1506. The UK average is £884.88 a year on petrol or diesel.


Nottingham is the most expensive place to park, costing on average £286 a year, followed by Bristol, Newcastle and Leeds. Drivers in London, Glasgow and Plymouth are the cities will have to pay fine for breaking parking rules.

Overall, 18% of Nottingham residents received a parking fine in the last year, the highest number in the country. The average amount paid on parking fines across the UK is £121 per year.

According to a Survey, parking fines issued by private companies have increased by 28%. The motoring organisation estimated that UK drivers were receiving one parking ticket every seven seconds.

Insurance Costs:

While Birmingham and Manchester feature high on the list as the most expensive cities to own a car, London sits third on the list. Drivers living in the city pay more for petrol compared to other cities, as well as the highest insurance costs compared to other UK locations.


When it comes to most expensive city to own a car, Birmingham sits on the top, followed by Manchester and London.