Marrakech to zagora desert tour

Marrakech to zagora desert tour

July 23, 2019 Off By Danny White

Marrakech is not only the desert, it is also filled with green spaces and numerous Riads that go according to the rules

Dar Infaiane

This charming guest house has been awarded the Green Key by the Mohammed V Foundation. Its perfect location allows travellers from all around the world to unwind and escape the constant heat.

Whether you’re on a desert trek, a rally, a Marrakech Desert Tours 2 days, or you’re in an excursion, you can delight in Dar Infaiane’s amazing cooking and oasis. Speaking of, it was selected as one of the best oasis in the South of Morocco.

A 500-year old gem that still operates, innovatively, and with appreciation to the environment.

Les Jardin Des Medina

Within the heart of Marrakech, you’ll see a grove of bitter orange trees, nestled within is Les Jardin Des Medina. Its Andalusian vibe gives it a luxurious appeal, and in the spirit of high-end accommodation, the hotel has retained its original architecture.

In addition to Clef Verte, this institution was awarded a 2018 award of excellence. Everything about this place is mesmerising, its food, room decor, garden setting, and breathtaking rooftop views.

Marrakech to fes Desert tour

Marrakech to Fes desert tour and get a full package of fun and excitement. Our desert tour from Marrakech to Fes will introduce you to the majestic Moroccan desert before you end your journey at the city of Fes, one of the most authentic cities in Morocco, which is still preserved with the pure Moroccan architecture and culture. This luxury morocco tours is a one of a kind, as you get to experience the true joy of a moonlit night in your desert camp in the middle of