Looking to Purchase a Vacation Rental in Destin Florida – What to Know

Looking to Purchase a Vacation Rental in Destin Florida – What to Know

June 4, 2021 Off By admin

Also known as the emerald coast of Florida, Destin is one of the most preferred places to visit in the world. Thousands of travelers visit this place every year to enjoy some relaxation time with their dear ones.

The best way to enjoy your stay in Destin every time you plan a visit to the place is by looking for a vacation rental for the purchase. This factor will make it easier for you to enjoy your stay to the fullest in your place whenever you feel like escaping to this getaway. You can find the best options by visiting the DestinFlorida.com webpage. This is a one-stop destination for you to find the perfect vacation rentals for sale in Destin. 

Here are some of the tips for finding the best vacation rental for you in Florida. 


Every property purchase in any place starts with you setting a budget for the purchase. You should first look at your current bank balance and the availability of the amount from the possible sources and come up with a perfect number, before planning for a vacation rental purchase in Destin. 


Beach destinations are like a haven of the most picturesque views. The vacation rentals that can offer a wonderful view of the beach and the surroundings will surely become the ideal choice for you. You can even look for vacation rentals that are quite away from the beaches and are closer to the cities. 

Out-of-the-Pocket Expenses 

Purchasing of vacation rentals will not end with you paying for the condo and be done with the expense. 

You should consider the out of the pocket expenses such as, 

  • Condo Association Fees 
  • Property Taxes 
  • Appraisal of the condo for about $500
  • Inspection costs that might cost you more than $500 to $1000
  • Closing costs that might be around $3000 to $8000
  • Down payment that will start from 25%. This might change according to the vacation rental and the place where it is located. 

All these are the additional charges and can cost you around $10000 extra. Hence, you should keep a margin of $10000 before signing the deal with any property owner. 

Owning More than Necessary 

Owning some condos in Destin will not only offer you a place to stay when in Destin but will also allow the other tourists to spend some of their days or weeks in your condos or vacation rentals when in Destin. However, this does not mean that you own more than what you need and end up with extra worries in your mind. 

Monthly Expenses 

Some of the monthly expenses should be considered before you plan to purchase a condo in any vacation destination. 

Here are some of the monthly expenses that you should take care of after purchasing a condo. 

  • Repairs such as heating or air conditioning and roof and the surroundings. 
  • Management fees for the condos when you stay in another country or state and cannot visit your place as frequently as required. 
  • Insurance for the rentals that are also known as short-term insurance. It will cover the expenses that might cost you because of the damages during your stay or the stay of your tenants in your property. 
  • Vacancy and cancellations are common when you own a property. The cancellations and keeping the place vacant for longer time duration might cost you more than you expect. 
  • The expense of marketing is another thing to consider. Marketing about your vacation rentals and condos is what will make interested tourists choose your property for their stay. Hence, marketing will normally cost you more when you expect the advertisements of your vacation rentals to be displayed on many social media. 

Best Options 

Destin vacation rentals will not cost you more than what you can afford. You can look for the available Destin Florida vacation rentals and compare the amount with the vacation rental for sale in other places. You will notice that the amount is not that costly when compared with the other available options around the globe. 


Look for the amenities that are available with the vacation rentals. You can look for the options that come with the added amenities such as nearby boat docks, heated pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis, playgrounds, parking spaces and garages, and so on. 

Make Some Memories 

Vacation rentals are the places that people come to ward off their daily stress and tensions from work. Hence, find the one that can help you or your renters to have some memorable time when on your property with their dear ones. 

Expected Income 

Before making a purchase, you should calculate whether the vacation rental can get you back the amount that you have spent on it within the next few years. Hence, check the current rental value of the vacation rental in that particular city and decide how to move further from there. 

A Second Home 

The vacation rental or the condo that you purchase in Destin should serve as the second home for you and your family, every time you visit the place. Not all places can offer you the sense of staying in your home when you are far away from your actual home. The coziness will even help you ward off the loneliness and the need for company, when far away from home. 

Mortgage Value 

Look for the property in Destin Florida that can offer a wonderful percentage of amounts when you plan to mortgage them in the future days. Property is the best option when you need urgent money and you should look for such options that can fetch an excellent percentage during the mortgage. 

Renting Out 

Renting your vacation rentals or condos to someone else requires making a thorough research. You should consider many factors such as the available amenities, rent in that particular place, the location of the condo, and so on. 

Purchasing vacation rentals and condos has become quite common in today’s world, as people like to stay in their place, even when they are away from home. If you are planning to purchase a property in Destin, then these above-mentioned tips will be of great help to you. Happy purchasing!