Japan’s Summer Season, as It Actually Takes Place

Japan’s Summer Season, as It Actually Takes Place

July 9, 2022 Off By admin

Summer is a popular time to plan a vacation to Japan since it is when most people first begin thinking about their trip. summer in japan, as well as most of Asia, is the wettest season. There are more typhoons hitting the country throughout the summer, which is a contributing element.

However, wet weather is not the primary cause of Japan’s unappealing summer months from June to September. The asphalt that covers Haneda Airport’s runways has melted many times in the past due to the extreme heat that characterizes Japan’s summers. Most of Japan is experiencing temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, with a few locations seeing temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius. A list of summertime events in Japan is shown below.

When it comes to visiting Japan, why do so many people avoid the summer months?

The most apparent explanation for this phenomena is the weather. June and July are notoriously wet months in Japan, but typhoons are a distinct possibility for September, when significant rains are already expected. Even if it’s not raining or very hot, the summers in Japan are generally cloudy and humid. The fact that most visitors avoid the region because of this has a few extra advantages (hydrangeas, to name just one; and, more generally speaking, a deep greenness of the ground and a freshness of the air throughout the country).

Japanese citizens are reluctant to spend time outside in June and August as a result of these conditions. Many weeks after the pink and white sakura petals had faded, the leaves were still green. Even though Japan’s winters are frequently listed among the worst on the globe, it is home to some of the best skiing in the world. Summer travel to Japan is a popular option for many travellers since it allows them to spend extended periods of time away from home (and, for families, their children are able to take time off school). Hokkaido is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Japan.

Adaptability is the greatest approach to avoid getting into problems and making the most of your time in Japan during your summer vacation. This is usually a sign that you’re headed toward the north. July and August are the best months to visit Hokkaido, an island off the coast of Japan, because of the lovely weather. When planning a trip to Hokkaido, take in mind that the month of July was unusually rainy, so you may want to avoid it if possible.

Japan has mountain ranges that resemble the Alps

In August, are you planning a trip to Japan? Despite the fact that the Japanese Alps cover a wide area and have a significant population, their location in a more secluded section of the country makes them an ideal getaway from the current heat and rain.

In Japan, Fuji-san is the country’s highest peak

If you plan on visiting Japan in the summer, there is no better reason than to travel up Mount Fuji. Although it is technically conceivable, it isn’t viable until early July for a long-term stay on top of the mountain. This is due to the fact that the mountain’s snowcap only melts at certain periods of the year, as was previously described. During these months, the best time to climb Mount Fuji is in the later half of August.


Japan’s typhoon season lasts for the whole summer, and the archipelago of Okinawa is the most susceptible. However, despite these facts, this approach may seem absurd at first glance.