How To ‘Work From Home’ While Travelling

How To ‘Work From Home’ While Travelling

April 26, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

‘Work from home’ might sound interesting to almost all of us, as to some it means no workload, and for some, it means working as per your convenience and comfort. Well, the former one is certainly true, and it becomes too much when people are travelling, and then they have submissions to make. Work from home is good for people with multiple responsibilities and also for people who love to travel. Travellers opt for ‘work from home’ jobs to fulfil their passion for travelling as well as earning a handsome amount of money while working as per their convenience. But it might be stressful sometimes too. Hence, we have shortlisted some ways that can make ‘Work from Home’ While Travelling stress-free.

  • Work in shifts:

When people say that they have been working for 7-8 hours in a day, what do they actually mean? It means that the work hour comprises of 2 or 3 hours and the rest of the time was either devoted to Facebook, Twitter or maybe napping. It is the reason why maintaining a shift while working from home is crucial, it can be an hour-long work or working for 2 hours straight with 30 minutes of break in between. But don’t allow any distractions during that prolonged time. Maintain a time period and stick to it.

  • Always carry a notebook and a pen with you:

When you are travelling it is challenging to carry your laptop around everywhere, whether it is a fort or a beach. But keeping a small notebook is handy because then you can jot down points that strike in your head, and then use it later. It makes your work easy, as some part of it has already been done and achieved. Everything from ideas to plans to layouts of a project can be jotted down for future reference.

  • A work mode playlist actually helps:

Keeping a playlist in your computer or phone which contains all the songs that you like or enjoy while working is a great idea to stay focused. Neither you have to keep changing the songs time, nor have to keep searching for a particular song to play. There are applications available online that provide pre-made work playlist for users, where there will be no disruption of order, and you can concentrate on your work. This idea is best for people who can concentrate on getting a job done while they are listening to music.

  • Make sure your device stays charged:

It is imperative to keep your gadgets charged if you have decided to work from home while you are travelling. So, make sure you buy adapters and good quality chargers or devices with excellent battery backup. Don’t forget to charge your adapter even when your laptop or phone is fully charged because you never know what if the battery gets drained, then at least you will have a backup. You can always buy the best adapters and chargers online at discounted rates by using the HotOzCoupons.

  • Make sure your Communication channel or medium is secure:

If you are working in a group or you have to coordinate with your subordinates when you are getting your work done while travelling, then a good communication system or channel is vital. Make sure you have already set up a medium through which people are supposed to report or reach you, it can be either through your skype ID, messaging or group chats.

  • The Internet Connection:

Well, this is the most important thing to consider for when you are working from home while travelling. Not every city or place supports a good internet connection because of which people need to plan their work accordingly. Work that requires a running internet connection must be done when there will be no problem in connecting to the web, like your hotel room lobby or some café or restaurant. For the rest of the time, what you can do is keep the research work handy, which means complete the research and internet related chore beforehand, and then use the rest of the time in completing the work with the given resource. If you are going for an international plan, then make sure you get the right recharge plan selected or recharged by your mobile operator.

  • Keep an update about your work schedule:

Planning is the key and to do so you can use applications like Google Calendar, to prepare a schedule and stick to it whether it is a video interview or meeting etc. You need to consider the time differences as well for when you are travelling internationally. All of this requires communication and proper use of the time.