How To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip To Dublin

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip To Dublin

February 24, 2020 Off By Paul Petersen

Dublin, Ireland’s capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe, is one of those holiday destinations with attractions capable of pleasing different types of travellers.

The city is surrounded by spectacular scenery from a variety of beautiful beaches, hills and nature trails, just 30 minutes away by bus or train.

If you like walking and hiking, a good option is to take a ride on one of the Sights Of Dublin Day Tours to Killiney Hill Park, and enjoy some of its spectacular views over the surrounding areas: Dublin to the northwest, the Irish Sea and the mountains of Wales to the east and southeast, and Bray Head and the Wicklow Mountains to the south.

Within the city itself, a pleasant, international and welcoming atmosphere makes the visitor feel at home. After all, Irish charm has a reason to exist.

Do you wish to visit some the best Historical and Cultural attractions Dublin has to offer?

Starting at the most classic places, visit the “spiritual heart” of Dublin. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (or Christ Church Cathedral, whichever you prefer) has a beautiful interior and holds a lot of history. Founded in 1028, it was a pilgrimage site during the medieval period and currently houses the oldest structure of the city: the medieval crypt.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland and is also among the top attractions of the city. The church, which was erected in the place where they believe to be the point where the saint baptized his faithful, is gorgeous on the outside and inside.

Inside there are several relics, as well as the tombs of some personalities of the history of the country. Tourists can visit the tomb of John Swift, author of “Gulliver’s Travels,” and see his mortuary mask and a bookcase with essential works written by him.

Also, of historical importance, Trinity College, the oldest university in Ireland founded in 1592, is one of the most classic places to visit in Ireland. Many famous students went to this university like Oscar Wilde, Beckett, and Swift himself. In its library, visitors can come face to face with the Book of Kells, a 680-page manuscript written by local monks around 800 BC.

Or do you prefer to walk at your own pace and do some shopping instead?

Explore Grafton Street, one of Dublin’s most famous streets. Here, tourists will find shops, cafes, bars, bookstores and historic buildings, as well as traditional street performers. Just off Grafton Street, Avoca Handweavers in Dublin City Centre is well worth a visit. From home furnishings to fashion, jewellery, aromatics kids wear, and toys, visitors can find and buy some of the best products Ireland has to offer. Be sure to check out the food hall, full of incredible products, and take time to visit the on-site cafĂ©.

One of the world’s best-known breweries is based in Dublin. If you thought about the Guinness Storehouse, you got it right. The brewery is housed in a seven-story building shaped like a giant Guinness draft beer filled with modern, interactive facilities.

At the Guinness Storehouse, the tourist will learn everything about the Irish’s most beloved beer. The brand already accumulates more than 250 years of history, being a tourist point obligatory in the itineraries of Dublin. Do not miss the tour to the facilities of the city’s number 1 attraction.

And of course, One cannot leave Dublin without visit a local pub and drink a pint of Guinness. Here, the obvious choice is The Temple Bar. With its traditional ambience and Irish music, the house has several beer brands, more than 500 varieties of whiskey and local cuisine.

As you can see, with buildings full of history to tell, year-round cool events, upscale shopping and the liveliest nightlife, Dublin deserves to be among your next holiday destinations.