How to Choose Your Small Ship Cruise

How to Choose Your Small Ship Cruise

June 28, 2019 Off By Danny White

Initially, the fascinating aspect of a Sea cruise is the chance to mix water sports with wildlife spotting.

It doesn’t matter if your main interests are arts, culture or history and wildlife; the sea of Cortez small ship cruise offers plenty of variety.

Here are the best tips to help you enjoy your small ship cruise experience:

Decide When You Want to Go

Most places have well-defined seasons such as Alaska (May-September), Mediterranean (April-October) or Antarctica (November-March). Prices can vary considerably from the peak season, so look at early or late seasons for the most affordable pricing.

The timing of your small ship cruise will be determined by a variety of factors and is a vital element of your decision making.

Think About Your Ideal Activity Level

When considering the level of activity, reading an itinerary may not provide enough information. Ask detailed questions about the length and difficulty of hikes. How many times each day will guests get off the ship to engage in activities? Are all activities on guide, or can guests strike out on their own? How long do hikes go in distance and time? Are hikes on marked, maintained trails or over wilderness terrain? It can be challenging to compare the activity level from one cruise or cruise line to another, which is when a trusted expert can help.

Consider Your Group/Travel Partners

Consider your travel party as you consider your cruise. Are you a couple, small group, family, or solo traveler? Most small ships have cabins that accommodate two people. Single and triple rooms are available but take a bit more research. Some ships have a “willing to share” program for solo travelers while others have dedicated single cabins or charge a single supplement.

Families are increasingly interested in small ship travel, and many cruises offer dedicated family departures to get kids of similar age traveling together. Dedicated family cruises feature programs with guides who are experienced working with younger travelers and may include special educational programs, unique activities, family-friendly meal options, and more to enhance the family cruise experience. However, small ships are not for everyone, and we generally suggest this style of travel for kids age six or older.

Get Expert Advice

Most important, when choosing your small ship cruise: speak with an experienced, unbiased expert. You will not get the whole picture when booking direct, as contacting individual cruise lines does not always answer critical questions about how much activity there is compared to other options in the region, what the cabins are like comparatively and so on.