How Hotels Like Royal Holiday Vacation Club Working Hard To Promote High Safety And Sanitation Standards Amid Global Pandemic

How Hotels Like Royal Holiday Vacation Club Working Hard To Promote High Safety And Sanitation Standards Amid Global Pandemic

November 12, 2020 Off By Danny White

The ongoing pandemic has led to significant upgrades and set measures in the hospitality sector, ensuring people remain safe. Royal Holiday Vacation Club is at the front line of formulating measures that ensure all guests visiting these hotels and vacation areas are safe at their arrival and departure. People can still have fun and stay safe.

This vacation club has been the number one in the travel sector and has set strict health measures to protect all guests. People can now travel, knowing they are safe from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping members plan safe travel experiences

Over the years, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has been serving its guest with the best vacation and travel experiences, and even during the ongoing pandemic, they are advancing their services. The club monitors all tours closely, ensuring all precautionary measures are set in all vacation destinations and hotels.

Before boarding for a tour, there is a strict and compulsory check-up ensuring that the employee’s and guests’ health remains a priority. All guests who are safe from the infection are allowed to travel, but if one is found to be infected, they are taken for treatments.

Moreover, there is a devoted team of professionals ready to confirm the COVID-19 statistics in different destinations. Therefore, Royal Holiday Vacation Club members are aware of the spread risks before boarding or planning a tour.

Safe destinations

Recently there are no COVID-19 cases in all these club reservations. People are still looking for the best trip experiences. The management of this club is not taking any chances. They have masks, sanitizers, health experts, and other measures the clients could expect.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has also partnered with the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other local health agencies in Mexico and other areas. The clients receive firsthand information on the spread of the Corona Virus and can take necessary measures.

The club members are guided on how to follow strictly all set measures by the government. Moreover, the clients are only recommended to travel areas marked to be safe by the public health entities and government.

Extensive cleaning and testingĀ 

Recently Royal Holiday Vacation Club emphasizes its members were having the best time with loved ones with full confidence in their safety. They have established offices worldwide with professionals devoted to ensuring all destinations have safety measures set in place. They install all safety standards set by the health entities ensuring people go to enjoy their holidays.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club is installing extra precautions in its hotels and follows all safety measures and guidelines set by the CDC and WHO. Before its members get to the hotels, they have ensured an extensive cleaning process on all rooms, be it standard or private rooms. The management wants nothing less but for members to have exceptional travel experiences.

There are sanitizers all over the hotel, and all employees have Personal protective clothes when cleaning and dealing with the clients. There are more than 10,000 members of this club; therefore, these measures are all necessary.

Guests are tested for the virus before getting to the hotel, and if there is any case of infection, necessary health measures are taken. Royal Holiday Vacation Club members can book and have the best vacation or travel experiences.

The ongoing pandemic is no match for the measures and set standards implemented by Royal Holiday Vacation Club. Its members can have fun and be safe as they follow all set standards by health entities. The client safety and health is the top priority in this club, and the team is researching and implementing necessary safety standards.