Highlights of Annapurna Sunrise Trek

Highlights of Annapurna Sunrise Trek

December 2, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

The Annapurna’s – birthplace of alpinism and some of the most famous mountain peaks. The beauty of the Annapurna range inspires trekkers globally. The Annapurna Sunrise Trek is also known as ‘GhorepaniPoonhill Trek,’which is the treat to the adventurers.

This trek is an ideal trip for the family as it is one of the easy treks in Nepal with not much altitude to climb. You will get to experience the lovely natural landscapes of immense beauty, and forests of oak, bamboo, and rhododendron.

The exotic cultures and traditions of people of colorful villages like Ghorepani and poonhill, a rural lifestyle is the primary highlight of Annapurna Sunrise Trek. Loved by the most Himalaya admirers, Annapurna region, carves trail with thrill.

Here are some of the highlights of the alluring Annapurna Sunrise Trek:

The Gurung Village

The best part of any journey is people, the ethnic Gurung and Magar inhabited in the traditional villages add joy to the journey to the most beautiful place.Ghandruk is home to many Gurkha soldier is home to friendly locals who love to show their authentic cultures and tradition. The people there are great at hospitality, and you will love to experience the jaw-dropping Himalayan ranges over the backdrop of villages.

Forest of Oaks and Rhododendrons

The lush forest of oak, bamboo, and rhododendron is truly hypnotic. The breathtaking rhododendron decorates the forest into the colorful heaven during spring, so spring is the best time for Annapurna Sunrise Trek. In between the forest, you will see small streams that keep the forest wilder.

Suspension Bridges and Several Perennial Rivers

You will encounter many rivers like ModhiKhola, KimrongKhola, and others as the trek continues. The cold white water is the cherry on the cake in your trek. It will be great fun to swing in the suspension bridges over all the rivers.

Experience the Rural Nepalese Lifestyle

You may not find the luxurious facilities in the trail to poonhill, but it does have villages dwelling to preserve the traditions. You will get to see the glimpses of the rural Nepalese lifestyle, where people enjoy their authentic village life, and still, farming is their main occupation.

Get Indulged in Nepalese Daal-Bhat

You will get to enjoy the flavorful cuisine during the trek. The tea houses and guesthouse will serve you daal-bhat with lots of love. The rice, protein-rich lentils, and curries are plenty to delight you through the way.

Gaze at the Mesmerizing views of sunrise and mountains

The main purpose of Annapurna Sunrise Trek is watching the sunrise from poonhill, and it is undoubtedly an exhilarating moment of life. The sun and the snow-clad mountain views are simply the best scenery. Savor the majestic views of mighty Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

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