Five Kinds of Steak you can Order at a Steak House

Five Kinds of Steak you can Order at a Steak House

April 30, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

In general, the most famous steaks for grilling or broiling are those from the short loin, tenderloin, and rib sections of beef. What tastes great depends on the individual but the juiciness and tenderness are a must to ensure you enjoy your steak. If you are visiting a steak house like Rib’N Reef steakhouse, below are some of the famous steaks you could order:

Ribeye Steak

This steak has the most abundant fat marbling which makes it very juicy and flavourful. Steak enthusiasts do not miss this. It has a bone-in option and comes from the same cut as a standing rib roast.

Tenderloin Filet

This steak is the most tender of steaks but has very little fat marbling. If you are watching your fat intake, this is the best option for you. When compared to other cuts, tenderloin filet has the mildest flavour. Because of its little fat which renders into the steak when it cooks, it is not as juicy as other steaks. In fact, it can become dry when cooked beyond medium.

New York Strip

This teak is less fatty than the rib eye and nearly as tender. It is buttery and succulent which are flavours unique to this steak. A number of steak houses showcase a bone-in version.

T-Bone Steak

This is two steaks in one. If you cannot decide between a New York Strip Steak and Tenderloin Filet, you can get the best of these steaks from a T-bone.  Both steaks are only separated by a T-shaped bone. This is something you need to consider if you want your steak well done or medium-rare. The meat which sets next to the bone may not be able to reach those temperatures without overcooking the entire steak.

Porterhouse Steak

This is the same cut as a T-bone but a bigger version. It has a bigger piece of tenderloin filet. Often, you will not find a smaller Porterhouse than 20 ounces. In fact, many steak house restaurants offer 48-ounce Porterhouse steaks. This is the perfect steak to share to give everyone a taste of both the New York Strip and Filet Mignon.

How big the steak you should order in a steak house restaurant is an individual preference. However, the eyes are larger than the tummy. You can use leftover steaks to make a good midnight snack anyway. But, realistically, after you order an appetiser, a salad, a side dish, and a potato, you might not be able to eat steak much bigger than 8-12 ounces.