Features of a Luxury Hotel

Features of a Luxury Hotel

July 11, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen


Have you ever wondered what it is like to stay in a luxury  Caernarfon hotel? Unlike standard hotels, 5 star hotels will have not only exceptional service but also lots of unique features.

Features that some hotels include are:

Beautiful decoration

Hotels usually see beautiful designs inside and out of the hotel, with public areas featuring fancy design and luxurious seating and decoration. Bars and lounges see a more high-end approach making them so much more sophisticated than your standard hotel.


Security at luxury hotels are much more secure than average with card accessed rooms, cameras on every floor and even key card access for elevators, keeping any intruders well away from your room. In each room there will likely be a safe and security guards on watch at some too.

Exceptional service

All hotels have brilliant service from the hotel staff, however at a north wales luxury hotel you should expect exceptional service in bucket loads. As well as brilliant service, staff will also provide personal care where needed and are likely to be well trained so that you have the best experience possible when staying at the hotel.

A few services you may get include:

  •         Turndown (making your room ready for sleeping)
  •         Welcome / arrival drinks – often including champagne
  •         Welcome sweets or gifts such as chocolate and sometimes a bottle of wine or champagne on ice
  •         Flowers in your room
  •         Local gifts including sweets or tea to take home with you
  •         Concierge services including:

o   Taking any special request prior to your stay

o   A personal welcome and check in to your room

o   Advice on local attractions or destinations – sometimes you can hire a chauffeur service too

o   Unpacking or packing service

o   Laundry service

  •         Service of parking your car for you
  •         Multilingual staff that are extremely polite and presentable
  •         Personal touches such as your name on your table for dinner or welcome notes.


Beautiful Rooms

Luxury hotels have fantastic rooms which often include a great mattress and bedding to help you get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Rooms tend to be uniquely decorated and are often decorated by genre or with the hotel’s destination in mind. It is likely that with the cosiness of the room you won’t want to leave!

In-house bars and restaurants

With any luxury accommodation you should expect amazing in-house restaurants and bars that not only have the same aesthetic appeal as the rest of the hotel but have a wide variety of drinks and exquisite food too. Some hotels even have Michelin Star restaurants inside them.

Great views

Your accommodation location is important regardless of how high end you go, this is no different with a luxury hotel, and if anything would be even more impressive. At some of the best hotels you will expect amazing views, whether it be of a city or of the brilliant countryside, you are sure to be wowed when looking outside of your window.

If these alone are enough to get you tempted to booking your next stay at a luxury hotel, make sure you check out all the other amazing features your hotel provides when you get there!