Explanations of eTA Canada and the visa Canada

Explanations of eTA Canada and the visa Canada

April 23, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

Do I need an entry permit for Canada? For the last few years, all Germans and Austrians arriving by plane in Canada or in transit who do not require a Canadian visa from the Embassy must have an ETA for Canada before checking in for their flight to Canada, This applies to holidays and business travel, study, visiting relatives or friends and transit. Only if you have a Canadian passport or a Canadian visa, you do not need an eTA. Most travelers apply for an ETA because it is cheaper, easier and faster to apply than a Canada visa, For the Canada Visa, a much larger form needs to be completed, and it takes a minimum of 9 days to two months to complete, while you can apply for an ETA online within minutes.

Passengers who do not have an ETA cannot check in for their flight to Canada and are denied boarding. Even though the flight to Canada only serves to continue with a stopover in Canada to another country, an ETA is necessary, even if you do not leave the airport during the transit.

What is an ETA?

The abbreviation eTA stands for “electronic travel authorization”, in English “electronic travel authorization”, ie an electronic entry permit to enter Canada by plane. The eTA Canada or Canada (because “Canada” is written as “Canada” in English / French, ie in the local language) will apply using an online form, which is monitored by the Canadian authorities for possible security risks. If it is determined that you, as the applicant, do not pose a threat to public order or security, your application will be approved.

Canada ETA will be associated with the passport that you use to submit your application and will be automatically forwarded to the airline and the Canadian border authorities. You, therefore, do not need to print the eTA. Click here to apply for the eTA.

Apply for the eTA Canada

This entry-level entry permit can be quickly and easily applied for on this website, both for yourself and for other travelers. You can do this around the clock, even on weekends and public holidays. To apply for an eTA Canada, complete the application form, which takes approximately 5 minutes. Although all applications are personally checked for errors before they are processed, we recommend that you carefully check the completed data. Failing to fill in the wrong data (unintentionally) can cause big problems during your trip. The cost of the application is € 19.95 per person. You settle these costs by means of Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, eps-transfer, credit card or PayPal.

If you urgently need an ETA Canada

Normal applications will be handled within 72 hours. Nevertheless, we recommend that you submit the application – if possible – one or a few weeks before departure.

If you urgently need an ETA, you can also submit an express request on this website, which is usually approved (or rejected) within 18 minutes. The Canadian authorities have reserved the right to take more time to consider the request in exceptional cases, so there is no guarantee on the delivery time can be given even in urgent requests.