Essential Tips for First-time Barcelona Tourists

Essential Tips for First-time Barcelona Tourists

October 23, 2020 Off By Tracy williams

Barcelona is a place where tourists want to come numerous times, to enjoy and relish the wonders found here. Though a relatively small place, touring this place needs a long list of tips that are to be kept in mind for the ones who visit for the first-time. Understated is a list of highly essential tips that a first-time Barcelona tourist should keep in mind.

Visit Bunkers del Carmel

The most prolific sunset view is offered by the place of Bunkers del Carmel in the region of Carrer de Marià Lavèrnia which most tourists enjoy and relax to find peace of mind at the end of the day. Though it needs a bit of a climb, the climb is worth it.

Book the Tickets of la Sagrada Família Beforehand

The Basílica de la Sagrada Família is one of the most heated tourist attractions in Barcelona. It is open throughout the year and finding tickets for entry there come at a premium and should be booked well ahead of time.

Use Free Facilities Wherever Available

Barcelona is a place where tourists can avail of a lot of free facilities. Tourists can avail of the free walking tours available across Barcelona. On Sundays, the museums in Barcelona offer free entry to everyone. Multi-day metro cards can be booked to avail of metro services for free.

Do Not Book Uber

Uber is very expensive across Barcelona. They are wasteful too, as most places can be visited on foot. On the flip side, tourists can avail the government offered bus services to save money and time.

Choose Nova Icaria Beach Instead of La Barceloneta Beach

La Barceloneta beach is a beach that can be found crowded all year round. Perks of being famous, this beach is never found empty. On the other hand, the Nova Icaria beach is mostly empty where tourists can enjoy and relax. 

Visit During Festivals

Plan the trip in such a manner in which you can visit during the festivals. Festes de la Mercè is one of the most common festivals that tourists can enjoy. El Classico, the classic football match between Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona is no less than a festival that can be seen when held in the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona.

Barcelonian day tours offer the best tours in Barcelona as they provide expert guidance to the ones who visit for the first-time as well as to the ones who are not new to the province of Barcelona.