Enjoy the best of Virgin  Islands Now

Enjoy the best of Virgin  Islands Now

July 29, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

Among the great multitude of land scraps scattered over the seas and oceans, it is impossible to find two identical ones. Among them comes across the island-museums and islands-beaches, island-countries and strange islands. There are islands for lovers, for romantics, for adventurers and newlyweds. There are islands for real men they catch the waves and the wind, blue marlin or adventure. You can sail with a sailboat in the british virgin islands easily now.

These are the British Virgin Islands. The archipelago is located in the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea and includes 60 islands, the largest of which are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Yost Van Dyke. Having once the sad glory of pirate freemen, the British Virgin Islands became one of the most fashionable resorts in the Caribbean. Stunning beauty of nature, mild maritime climate, luxury hotels and excellent service attract tourists from all over the world. The beauty of the picturesque landscapes harmoniously complements the rich underwater world.

Tours to the British Virgin Islands 2019

Coral reefs, underwater caves and lagoons are of particular interest for fans of underwater adventures. Here you can try yourself as the host of a whole island: live on Necker Island, like Robinson, with a group of friends – several miles long, several wide, cozy cottages on the shore of the bay, and palm trees lean over the white sand, and a cool breeze sway the curtains when the sunset extravaganza blazes in the sky.


  • Humid tropical

Rainy months are October and November. In August and September there are hurricanes. The best time to travel is from January to April. The beginning of summer is more suitable for swimming with a mask – during this period there are almost no storms. The average temperature in the summer is 24-29 ° С, in winter 30-35 ° С.

Rhode Town is the main city of the British Virgin Islands. The main attractions are the ancient fort (later rebuilt into a prison) and the folk museum. Not far from Road Town is the Dutch fortress of Bert.

The Nord Shell Museum is a collection of a wide variety of shells. The exhibition presents a collection of fishing boats of various designs and tackles that are used by the islanders.

Go snorkeling. To the south-east of Anegada is a grand reef, Horseshoe Reef. At various times up to hundreds of ships sank here. That is why Horseshoe Reef will be especially interesting to fans of Wreck Diving. To visit the main event of the year the British Virgin Islands Summer Festival is there. The event is accompanied by numerous concerts and colorful shows for two weeks. Then there are the sailing options that are always there. All you need to do is to grab the best boat and sail out. The discovery will be the best thing of your lifetime you will be ever remember. From the very small details to the big ones, it is for sure that you will be able to enjoy the very best of it.