Do you like to sleep in while you travel? How will you choose the best neck pillow?

Do you like to sleep in while you travel? How will you choose the best neck pillow?

April 29, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

Traveling is a pleasure, but sometimes it is an exhausting activity. Many hours of waiting are spent in airports, stations and journeys are endless. Will you let that discourage you? Of course not!  Of the options that will make those waiting periods or journeys go faster will be if you take a nap. Above all, if you travel alone. Sometimes, out of boredom or exhaustion it is the best choice and a nap can help you continue the journey with more strength.

Tip: If you are afraid of airplanes, try not to sleep much the night before the trip. So, if you are more tired, sleeping on the plane will not be so difficult and the flight will go faster. However, sleeping upright or sitting up is not the most comfortable.

Get a healthy sleep

To avoid those neck pains, lashes and scares, it is advisable to use a travel pad or neck pillow. The travel pads are small pillows that are placed around the neck and serve to maintain a more upright position while you sleep. There are all styles and colors nowadays, inflatable, with support in the cervical, viscoelastic, with hood to cover and gain darkness and privacy, for tastes, and colors. There is no better or worse Рevery person likes a style. You will have to try them from little by little to find out which one works best for you.

Do you want information about each of these travel pillows?

These are some of the most common and strange pillows you must know to travel comfortably and sleep during the journey or waiting.

Memory pillow

This type of memory neck pillow is for watching TV, travel, airplane journey, reading and is for all ages – children, adults and seniors. Quality – These pillows are filled with memory foam, they are comfortable and soft and their covers are usually washable by hand or machine. In addition, they can be tied with a rope or hook so that it does not fall.

Inflatable and foldable pillow

It is the cheapest pillow of all that you must know and the one that least occupies. Its surface is very soft. Rapid inflation and deflation system. The pillow needs approximately 3 breaths to completely inflate and deflate it in approximately 1.5 seconds. Forget unnecessary neck pains. It can be folded. They are the easiest to locate. You can find them in shops selling travel goods or products, even the supermarkets sometimes sell them.

Washable scarf pillow

This travel pillow is inflated with a button – To deflate, just press the black double seal valve. It is foldable. The cotton cover is extremely soft and breathable, with good heat dissipation, which means that there is no feeling that in the summer or after a long trip it has gotten wet. The cover is removable and hygienically washable at 30 degree C in the washing machine.