Deep into the Iceland: Your Tour

Deep into the Iceland: Your Tour

October 10, 2019 Off By John Authen

Iceland is, in our opinion, one of the most unusual and colorful countries in the world. Sheltered on a small piece of land among the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean, Iceland impresses with the pristine beauty and purity of nature, the richness of landscapes and a special, northern atmosphere, which you will not find anywhere else. Despite the fact that the area of ​​this state is only a little more than one hundred thousand square kilometers (more precisely, 103), it is unlikely that somewhere else you can see such a concentration of volcanoes, geysers, lakes and waterfalls. This is really absolutely amazing, you can even saya fantastic place that definitely deserves attention. With the iceland private tours you can actually come up with the best options now.

Additional Options

In addition to observing the manifestations of seismic activity of the underground layers, here you can take fascinating walks and enjoy the scenery of the northern fjords or the charm of life-giving waterfalls, freeze with delight at the sight of the northern lights or freeze, being enchanted by the singing of birds. The nature of Iceland is so diverse that it is difficult to believe that such a country really exists.

  • To all of the above, it is worth adding surprisingly clean air, an atmosphere not polluted by industrial emissions and a feeling of complete unity with nature.
  • And despite the fact that Iceland is called the “ice country” due to the large number of glaciers covering its surface, the soul is always very warm during the journey. After all, there are such friendly people who will not only be happy to tell their guests the route to the next.


The most favorable time to visit Iceland is undoubtedly summer, especially July and August. This is the high season in the country when the harsh weather provides an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty in plenty. In addition, throughout the summer in Iceland you can witness the “white nights” that give special charm to this region and make trips around the country more interesting and exciting. In general, when preparing for a trip, you should remember that Iceland is a northern country, so even in the summer it is unlikely to be able to sunbathe or go in shorts and a T-shirt. After all, the average August temperature is about +10 ° C, however, the thermometer in JulyAugust can rise to +20 ° C. And although in January temperatures also do not drop to significant minus points (the climate due to the Gulf Stream flowing off the coast of Iceland is quite mild), in winter daylight hours last no more than 5 hours and strong winds blow.

  • By the middle of September, it is getting colder in Iceland, hotels are starting to close, getting ready for winter, and consequently, the number of transport flights is reduced, making it difficult to travel around the country, the number of possible entertainments is significantly reduced and the rest is not quite complete.

If you are planning to go to Iceland, it is worth remembering that there are no big cities or large megacities, as well as prestigious resorts that can satisfy every taste of a picky traveler who wants to have fun. Iceland attracts its guests mainly due to its rich nature, striking the human imagination.