Common To-Do’s for Adventure Vacations

Common To-Do’s for Adventure Vacations

June 25, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

You finally got the chance to take a long-awaited trip to your dream location. There is no way you want to go home and have suntanning be the most exciting activity you can discuss. Make sure you take advantage of your trip and turn it into theadventure vacation you always wanted.

Activity Ideas for Adventure Vacations

Here are a few things you should consider once you have unpacked and settled into your lodgings.

1. Climb Some Bridges

You can find bridges around the world that have become famous landmarks for their cities. Why not attempt the Sydney Harbor Bridge if you make your way down under?

Lord of the Rings fans might be more interested in trying the Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand. Or stick to the states and take a climb over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

2. Rappel Down a Mountain

Combine your love of hiking with the excitement of rappelling down a mountain. Find a hiking tour that lets you make your way through the local terrain, then allow you to make your way down once you reach your mountain destination.

3. Exploring Caves

Make your way through the caverns and rock crevices of caves in places like Iceland or Kuala Lumpur. You don’t always have to travel far outside of a city to do this type of exploration. Places like Budapest have tunnels and caverns available for exploration beneath the city.

4. Hike Over Glaciers

Looking for something a little more challenging to climb than regular earth? Take advantage of the opportunity of being in a country like Iceland to climb ice ridges and frozen rocks. Imagine the pictures you could bring back!