Choosing Parking Before Departing Your Cruise

Choosing Parking Before Departing Your Cruise

August 28, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

parking at port Miami florida

Great you are on your way for a nice relaxing vacation on a luxurious cruise liner, which you have been looking forward to all year and now ready to depart, but you start to think that you will need to leave your car somewhere that is safe and secure. It was good for a friend of your to share with you since she used a similar service before her departure last year, that parking at port Miami florida is a good place to leave your car while away. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then you can understand how many people are needing parking yearly at Port Miami. Port Miami served 891 cruise liners last year. The average cruise liner carries between 3000-3500 guests aboard, while the largest super cruiser carries as many as 5000 passengers. That is a staggering number of people who need monthly parking Romulus MI every year at Port Miami. Of course, they want to know their car is safe and secure.

Miami cruise port parking rates

A family on a cruise from Miami Port will need to consider their Miami cruise port parking rates before arriving to depart on their cruise. Parking rates will vary for the Official Miami Port Parking from a 7-day cruise cost($156) or a 5-day cruise cost ($110) for official parking. There is also safe cruise parking, which is considerably less expensive for the 7-day cruise ($67) and a 5-day cruise ($52).

Miami Port Parking

Your vacation can be a wonderful experience provided you pick the right parking company to watch your car. Each company offers different advantages with different rates. Safe cruise parking will get you a gated and protected parking place for your car. Your car will also be under surveillance by security 24/7, while you are on vacation. Lastly, Premier cruise parking which is considerably less expensive, but also offers another level of security and protection for your car. Premier parking is rented by 7-day cruise rates ($66) and 5-day cruise rates ($52). Your car will be parked in a garage out of the sun, and a shuttle is available to take you to and from the garage where your car is located.

everglades port parking

If you are departing from other locations in Florida other than Miami you will have different options for parking. Your everglades port parking facility only charges a maximum of $15/day. You have a choice of surface or garage parking at one or other of their facilities. Both surface and garage parking rates are the same.