Bromont and Your Choices for the Best Tours

Bromont and Your Choices for the Best Tours

December 2, 2019 Off By John Authen

Why travel with family in Bromont? This is a question that can be asked and that we can also ask you. Should we leave his child at grandpa and mami’s and leave without them? We always went on a trip with our 2 children and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving without them did not even cross our mind. We all live together unforgettable family adventures, a magical magic interlude. Several years of travels, mops in family enriched us, children and parents. You have every reason to go with your family, find out why. The simple answer is that the place Bromont is the best place for a perfect family outing and the place is a perfect safe one. This place in Southwestern Quebec happens to be the best one for the perfect tour.

The trip for children as a school of life

The trip teaches children that our style of life, culture is not unique: cooking, dress, religion, parties, housing, etc. differ from country to country. They discover other civilizations, other cultures and enrich themselves with them.

They integrate the notions of respect and tolerance into difference; the other is a source of enrichment and not a threat. It is thus their openness that is cultivated and the basic idea that before being citizens of a country, we are all citizens of the world.

For children, traveling is also a school in the sense of learning, knowledge acquired directly in the field: the child on a journey learns and discovers the world, nature, civilizations. Not a trip where you do not do history, geography, SVT, arts or geology, etc. The opportunities to learn while traveling are endless and unsuspected. Here are some examples in bulk from our family trips:

  • Our budding traveler learned the castles at school that year: she already knew a lot about it thanks to the many castles visited in Bromont.
  • Our children discovered life-size dinosaurs in the dinoparcs of Bromont.
  • Our 2 budding travelers discovered the Renaissance period in Florence through the architecture and paintings of the city.
  • During our stay, the children learned to recognize a very large number of birds. We too, the parents.
  • We could multiply the examples for hours. To use a big word, travel has pedagogical virtues. Travel is an opportunity to cultivate for the whole family, not just children, parents too.

Stronger family ties through travel

When children are close in age, which is the case of ours with their 22 months of difference, travel reinforces fraternal bonds. They share very strong memories. They share the same experiences, the same discoveries, the same entertainment, and so on.

We are in family 24 hours a day, we live moments together. Emotions, shared memories during travels are the cement of our family and strengthen the complicity between children and parents.

Remain convinced that if we had not traveled with family as we did, our children would never have been as accomplices as they are.

More independent children

When traveling, it’s improvisation, adventure, discovery that take precedence. All the bearings, our daily lives are upset. You have to learn how to adapt, to manage in unfamiliar ground for things that are sometimes very simple and that seem obvious to us. The language barrier is an additional difficulty that must be learned to overcome.