Bringing your dog along to a trip

Bringing your dog along to a trip

July 25, 2019 Off By John Authen

Some people can’t bear to leave their dogs behind and travelling with them is by no means a rare or impossible feat. It does require a little more preparation and smart thinking, however, so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Know where they can go

Ensuring that your chosen destination can accommodate your fuzzy friend should be the first thing you check. If you’re going camping, then that’s no problem, but for hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation, you need to know the difference between dogs allowed and dog-friendly. The former means that you won’t get in any trouble for bringing your dog, but the latter means that the place will accommodate the dog, sometimes by providing dog play spaces and sleeping areas. You may want to aim for the latter.

Get them comfortable with travel

Getting a dog ready for the trip means ensuring you can transport them without too much fuss. If you’re going by car, then helping them acclimate with regular drives is always a good idea. If you’re going by plane, it takes a little more work. You need the vet to sign off on a health certificate, permission from the airline, and your dog will need to be trained to abide being in a crate for the length of the flight.

Choosing a dog-friendly journey

Besides considering a dog-friendly destination, you need to think about how you’re going to get there, as well. Overly long plane rides may not be a good idea as any dog is likely to get more anxious and antsy the longer they have to stay in one place. With car rides, make sure that you plan out plenty of rest stops so that you can get out, feed, have some water, and stretch your legs between each leg of the journey.

Make sure they have plenty to eat

Naturally, feeding your dog will be a top priority, but it pays to make extra sure they have the nutrition they need. A trip can be just as taxing for them as it can be for you, with plenty of new places to walk, new scents to sniff, and more. Acclimating them to natural food diets with sites like ahead of time can make sure they’re in good shape for the trip. Don’t forget to bring plenty of treats, as well!

Ensure your pup is protected

Pet-napping is rare, but it does happen. More likely, still, is that your dog can wander off if someone leaves the door open or if you take your eyes off them for too long. Besides being as responsible as you can, it’s wise to ensure they’re tagged or even micro-chipped so that it’s easier to find them if you lose track. Carry around a photo of your dog as well so that people can spot and recognise them when you’re looking for them.

An adventure with your pooch can be fulfilling like few other vacations, you just have to make sure you’re ready for it. Hopefully, the tips above give you plenty of ideas on how to make sure you’re both totally prepared for the trip.