Best Ghost Tours in Philadelphia [2022]

Best Ghost Tours in Philadelphia [2022]

September 9, 2022 Off By John Authen

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the country, and with that age comes a lot of ghost stories and haunted houses.  When the weather starts to chill and Halloween grows nearer, you can expect to see countless ghost tours and hauntings pop up throughout the city.

These are the best ghost tours in Philadelphia this year, and why they’re such a big deal!

Dark Philly Adult Night Tour

This r-rated adult night tour will talk you through the darker and more twisted bits of Philly’s past that nobody talks about.  As you’re led through the darker streets of this city, your guide will tell you all about the history lessons your school wouldn’t ever mention.  This is a thrilling and incredible tour that will make you want to learn more.

Philly Haunted Dark History Walking Tour

A family-friendly tour, the Philly Haunted Dark History Walking Tour is a two-hour excursion that walks you through some of America’s oldest and most haunted buildings.  Costing less than $30 per adult, this tour is a frighteningly good time!

Cemetery and Serial Killer Walking Tour of Philadelphia

If you’re unsure which houses are for rent in Philadelphia to avoid: take this walking tour.  This is a tour for fans of true crime podcasts and serial killer documentaries.  This tour with a twist shows you the dark and seedy underbelly Philadelphia has gained through the last couple hundred years and takes you to the locations where some unfortunate victims met their demise.  This is an entertaining yet chilling tour for anyone to take. 

Founding Phantom’s Adults Only Walking Tour

Another adults-only tour, Founding Phantom, Is a great way to learn about the lesser-known history of this city.  From a hospital that’s been haunted by ghosts for a hundred years to cemeteries and other stops that are deeply steeped in history, you’ll get to learn a lot on this hour-and-a-half-long tour.  Costing only $35, there’s even a chance you’ll get to see the ghost of Alexander Hamilton! 

Ghosts of Philadelphia Walking Tour

This walking tour is shorter, at just one to two hours, but at $25 per adult- it’s worth it!  This is a family-friendly ghost tour that delivers a spooky and historically accurate history of this incredible city.  Although there’s a lot of information to pack into these two hours, they make sure every minute is exciting! 

Haunted Pub Crawl

Enjoying some spirits while you learn about spirits can be one of the most exciting things to do on a Friday night.  This three-hour walking tour costs $50 per adult and allows you to combine a bar crawl with a ghost tour.  Your guide meets you in Center City and then walks you through some of the scariest and most exciting ghost-ridden areas in the city.  

Philadelphia is a Scary Good Time!

If you want to have a ton of fun and aren’t scared of some ghosts and horror: consider stopping in on one of these ghost tours!  Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also get to learn the history of this area a little better.