Artist in Luxury

January 16, 2020 Off By admin

While searching for artistic inspiration online today, I was taken by surprise upon recognizing a rapper I’d been following for a few months at The Betsy Hotel, one of my personal favorite South Beach getaways. Despite having been frequenting this Miami institution for years, it was not until today I learned what an institution The Betsy has been in Miami. My love for The Betsy already existed because of its location and ambience, but apparently they’ve long supported artists and writers with Artist and Writer Residencies. Not only do they have a room they call The Writers Room that is a studio space for writers, but they donate the space to emerging and established writers alike to create new works.

Details of their collaboration with Shah, named Trap’s Newest Star by Complex, appear to be a bit mysterious, as these partnerships often are, but it’s still quite a trendsetting partnership. Shah was recently named one of the World’s Top 10 Desi Rappers and had previously been named one of the most influential rappers of Art Basel Miami Beach by Buzzfeed. A look at Shah’s Instagram, where the news of his collaboration with The Betsy first broke, depicts more of a trendsetting rapper than one tied to the cliches of his genre, which help explains this unique collaboration.  

For visitors this news suggests there will be even more reasons to visit. The Orb, a public art piece connecting The Betsy to the neighboring Carlton had long been an instagramable hot spot for tourists and locals alike. In Miami, making moves such as welcoming newly emerging stars can pay dividends throughout the year, when stars descend on our city looking for sunshine, and their followers descend in hopes of catching a glimpse. As someone who’s been quite generous in sharing my Miami gems with out of towners, The Betsy was admittedly a secret I kept to myself out of fear of it becoming something different. But now I see that The Betsy knows exactly what its doing, and embracing culture ensures that change will happen for the positive. So if you’re coming to Miami and you’re looking for an experience that draws celebrities and locals alike, you’d be hard pressed to find something better than the Betsy