All The Tips You Need for Planning a Group Trip to Cuba

All The Tips You Need for Planning a Group Trip to Cuba

August 1, 2019 Off By John Authen

Group trips are great. There are people to enjoy all the experiences of travel with, share costs, and offer the innate feeling of safety and security that comes with being a part of a group trip. But there are certain tips to take into account to ensure your group trip to Cuba doesn’t turn from heavenly to hellish. What are those tips, I hear you cry? Read on to discover all!

Draw up some red lines – and stick to them!

Before anything else, as a group you’re going to need to agree on the basics, and come up with a series of red lines that everyone sticks too. First off, who’s in and who’s out? You’re going to need a firm commitment from the group before you go any further, since tours and fares can be dependent on group size. Then you’re going to have to come up with a maximum trip length. Its no use planning a 15 day trip is some of you can only get 14 days off work. Similarly, you’ll need to find a window of time when everyone is available. Finally, you need to agree to a budget, and of course stick to it. Its likely every one of you will be earning different sums of money, and will be willing to spend different amounts on the trip, so this is an absolute must to prevent problems later on!

Have someone take the lead

Its great if everyone wants to be involved in the organising, but this can quickly result in a scenario where too many cooks spoil the broth. Let the group’s natural leader take charge – there almost always is one. This doesn’t mean this person has to arrange everything themselves, just that all the information is funnelled through this one person, who can then pass it on to the rest of the group for discussion and agreement.

Get booking

When part of a group its all to easy to assume someone else is getting on with things while you’re busy with surviving every day life. The danger of this is that the window in which you’re all free to head out on this group trip gets closer and closer, yet nothing has been finalised or booked. The best thing to do is almost certainly to strike while the iron is hot and everyone is still super excited about the trip. For the most part, flights and accommodation get more expensive the closer to departure date you book, while the best and most authentic group tours in Cuba will be booked up way ahead of time!

Work out how you’re going to share costs

Its going to be important that everyone in the group knows how costs are going to be shared. Will it all go into one big pot to pay for things, or will everyone be expected to cover their own costs? Don’t forget to think about daily expenses on arrival too, and how that’s going to be divided up.

Think outside the box on accommodation

Hotels remain the world’s favourite places to stay when away from home, but for a group keen to enjoy a trip together the hotel environment isn’t necessarily the best – or cheapest – option. Staying in a resort villa or casa particular bed and breakfast together, where you can easily spend time and meals together, will help the group knit together, and make sure people don’t feel isolated. It will however mean a little more organising, as casas tend to be small, and the best get booked up ahead of time.

Have some activities planned

You want to make the most of your time away, and getting a group of people moving, particularly in the morning, can be hard work. Having an activity already planned and paid for, such as a tour of Havana by classic car or guided walking tour of Cienfuegos, means everyone will have a reason to be ready at the right time! If further advantages are needed to convince you, pre-booking the activities you all consider absolute musts will mean no one will be disappointed if they turn out to be fully booked when you arrive.

Have some time apart

No one, not even married couples, can spend 24 hours a day in each other’s company. Everyone needs their own space. Make it clear from the outset that just because you’re travelling as a group doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking hour with each other! This is also the perfect way of reconciling those in the group with different interests – bird watchers from divers, and museum-goers to beach-lovers – for example.

Follow out simple tips for planning a group trip to Cuba, and you won’t face the pitfalls that can affect such visits. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy this amazing country!