A low budget trip to Goa to make your holidays more memorable!

A low budget trip to Goa to make your holidays more memorable!

June 22, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

India is the country to offer countless tourist places that are highly noteworthy. Among them, Goa is one of the favorite places for most of the people in Indian tourism. It is the smallest state but massive in architectural landmarks, sun kissing beaches, bustling flea markets, delicious food, lively nightlife, and delicious food and laidback vibe. For the people who are visiting India’s sunshine state for the first time here are certain tips that you need to remember.

Goa is not all about the popular beaches alone

Goa has a large coastline that spans 105 km and it is blessed with a plethora of beaches. Some beaches like Vagator, Baga, Calangute, and Candolim are highly popular where plenty of unspoiled and unexplored beaches are present. You can relax in peace and solitude to have some rest on your trip to Goa. Also, try to have a look at some beaches like Kakolem beach, Galgibaga, Velsao, Ashwem beach, Holland bench, Molar beach, and Butterfly beach.

Savor Goan Cuisine

The state is highly affected by colonization and many cultures have influenced the cuisine of Goa, you can enjoy the fusion of Portuguese, Brazilian, French, Konkan, Malaysian, Arab, African, Chinese and Malabar flavors to tantalize the taste buds. Try to taste some foods like Goan fish curry, bebinca, pork vindaloo, sorpotel, etc. If you love liqueur, do not forget to try Feni that is made of coconut or cashew nuts.

Be active

There are lots of things in the list of activities like kayaking, diving, jet skiing, parasailing, power-scooter riding, banana ride, knee wakeboarding, etc. You can also have some yoga experience from one of the yoga retreats that are available in the cost. Goa is the highly perfect spot for some activities and you may try to stuff them in the tour plan.

Go behind the sea

Beaches are not only the things that are offered by the state there are also certain churches, temples, museums, spice plantations, caves, forts, wildlife sanctuaries and more. Make research of them particularly and plan the itinerary accordingly.

Additionally, Goa is home for the truly spectacular countryside that is really interesting and worth spending some time to explore them. The villages show dotted with old Portuguese-style beautiful houses. Spice plantations, waterfalls, lush paddy fields, and quaint environment can be enjoyed highly in the countryside.

Remember some basics

  • Make note of the accommodation and know about the goa room rent per day in advance
  • Based on the weather condition have the right things to carry with you
  • Remember that you are moving to some strange places so you need to have one eye always on your personals kinds of stuff
  • Have sufficient cash with you and it is also better to have some plastic money. Though you are planning for the low budget trip it is important to have some plastic money with you

Goa will also offer the best market place for purchasing several things and you need but still be careful with the different things that you need to have in the tour state. More significantly it is important to have a note of the goa room rent per day.