7 Reasons for Spending Holiday in Makassar

7 Reasons for Spending Holiday in Makassar

November 29, 2021 Off By Danny White

Makassar is the new prima donna of tourist destinations in Eastern Indonesia. In addition to being the capital of South Sulawesi, formerly known as Ujung Pandang, Makassar has a million and more attractions that make it never exempted from tourist visits.

For those who are still hesitating to spend vacation time in Makassar, here are seven things that might change those doubts. Some of the tourist attractions mentioned may not be located right in the city of Makassar. However, it is just several kilometers from the city center and can still be reached easily. Here are the reasons for having a vacation in Makassar:

  1. Many Historical Relics

For those of you who like things related to history, Makassar is the right place. This is where the glory of the Gowa Tallo Kingdom is traced. You can see various relics of the kingdom and Indonesia’s struggle against the Dutch up close.

Fort Rotterdam, a relic of the glory of the Kingdom of Gowa in the 17th century. Not only that, in this mamiri wind city, you can visit the tombs of the Kings of Tallo, the tomb of Prince Diponegoro, the Gowa Balla Lompoa King Palace, Somba Opu Fort, and the La Galigo Museum. By looking closely at the historical heritage in Makassar and its surroundings, you will find out how sublime Indonesia’s history was engraved hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

  1. Visiting Religious Tourism Destinations

Makassar is also rich in religious tourism destinations, from ancient to modern ones. If you refer to the civilization and spread of Islam in the past, you may visit the old Katangka Mosque and the tomb of the Muslim warrior Sheikh Yusuf. You should also see the grandeur of the Makassar Grand Mosque and the Al Markaz Al Islami Mosque, built in 1984 on the initiative of General M Yusuf.

  1. The Outer Islands are Beautiful

If you are satisfied with visiting various destinations in the city of Makassar, direct your trip to islands that are still quiet and preserved, such as Kayangan Island, Samalona Island, Lae-Lae, Lanjukang, Kodingareng Keke, and many more. These islands have stunning beauty and can be reached by boat or speedboat, which are widely available for tourists.

  1. Typical Culinary Tempting Appetite

Perhaps Makassar can be called a culinary lover’s paradise. The typical food of this city is very diverse and it is a pity to miss. That are Coto Makassar, pallubasa, titi noodles, grilled konro, sop saudara, Riburane yellow rice, and many more. In the snack line, you must try the green banana ice, pallu butung ice, epe banana, barongko, songkolo, makassar otak-otak, and others. Get ready to gain a few kilos of your weight after returning from Makassar.

  1. Easy to Reach

As a city that has become a tourist and business destination, many airlines now open routes to and from mamiri wind city. Sultan Hasanuddin Airport is quite large, so can reach air travel to Makassar very easily. Both low-cost carriers and full-service carriers are available as options.

  1. Metropolitan City of Eastern Indonesia

Makassar has been transformed into a more developed city. Even though it’s not as metropolitan as Surabaya and Jakarta, this city has more entertainment options. For example, Trans Studio is the second-largest indoor amusement park in Indonesia after Trans Studio Bandung. Inaugurated by Vice President Jusuf Kalla on September 9, 2009, Trans Studio made Makassar more equal with other cities on Java island. You must visit this vehicle during your vacation in Makassar.

  1. Has a Famous City Landmark

Who does not know Losari Beach? This beach is famous not only in Makassar but all over Indonesia. With a large letter marker that reads “LOSARI BEACH,” anyone is always tempted to take pictures in front of it. Losari is a meeting place for various tourists and Makassar residents while enjoying the city’s special culinary and watching the beautiful sunset.

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