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Paris is among the most visited cities in the world, if not the first. Among Brazilians, it is undoubtedly the preference of the vast majority of tourists. The capital of France is truly magical. Paris reserves over 15 million tourists who visit attractions for all tastes and pockets. If you are planning to visit the city of love for the first time. You may think, Where to start? What are the main monuments that should be visited? We will try to answer these questions in this article and discuss the 6 top tourist attraction in Paris


The project of a tower of 300 meters was born on the occasion of the preparation of the Universal Exhibition of 1889.

The two main engineers of the Eiffel Company, Émile Nouguier, and Maurice Koechlin, in June 1884 had the idea of ​​a very tall tower, designed as a large pillar.

The Eiffel tower has 325 meters in height and 1,665 steps. And you cannot miss it, as it is the main tourist spot in Paris and the world.

 Eiffel Tower is a landmark of how a monument can become a symbol of a nation.

The wonderful views of the City of Light, there are several restaurants around the Eiffel Tower for lunch and dinner and to enjoy the city’s climate.

For tickets and opening times information visit https://www.toureiffel.paris/en


Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral is one of the oldest Gothic cathedrals in the world. The name cathedral (Our Lady) is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is the pillar of art, the foundation of spirituality. One of the perfect places to visit in Paris. Built over 700 years ago, Notre Dame Cathedral served as the stage for major episodes in French history such as the coronation of Napoleon – one of the most famous characters in Western history. 

Visit website for more info:  https://www.notredamedeparis.fr/en/


It opened in 1793 in the French capital and has since received an average of 9 million visitors each year. It attracts the tourist through its collection of over 380,000 objects, ranging from ancient Egyptian relics to modern paintings. Located in the center of Paris, between the Seine River and Rue de Rivoli


Next to the Louvre, there is another that is the most famous in Paris: the Luxembourg Garden. It was Designed in 1612 by Marie de’ Medici. Luxembourg Palace is currently owned by the French Senate. Paris is full of many delightful parks for sightseeing. You can walk, jog, picnic, relax or simply enjoy its beauty. Here is also the Luxembourg Palace, which even from outside guarantees a view worthy of postcards. If you are interested, you can see more about here in Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, a major tourist spot in Paris.


Disneyland Paris discovers much more than a theme park. Everyone can breathe the magic of Disney in Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village and our 8 themed Hotels. In addition, everyone will find more than 50 attractions to live magical experiences and exciting adventures for the little ones and the not-so-small ones. Here you can meet your favorite Disney Characters.


Super traditional in Paris is a boat trip along its Seine River, which showcases various sights of the city, still passing under its wonderful bridges that marked the world (such as the Pont des Arts, where lovers hang padlocks). It’s a really nice ride that not everyone does, and if you can’t do it, including at least a walk along the riverbank in your list of Paris sights to see.

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